The Power of Perseverance

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How many times can you get back up and continue fighting for the achievement of your personal dreams and goals,…after you have been knocked down, ridiculed, criticized, or laughed at?

What is the real true level, say on a scale of one to ten, of your personal commitment?  What does it take to get you to throw in the towel on your self, your dreams, and your family and their wants, needs, and desires?

History records time and time again that the person who makes it big, the one who succeeds when all others fail, is the one who hangs in there,…who tries time after time after time until he finally achieves the goal of his chosen efforts.  The one who wins, who makes it to the top, who achieves total success is the man or woman who simply will not give up or quit!  It is always the person who knows about, understands, and applies the Power of Perseverance!

This is a God-given power.  It comes from deep within the heart of a man or woman.  It is an internal drive placed in everyone at conception.  But it has to be developed through repeated usage.  It has to be fueled by a flame that burns bigger and brighter through focused attention on the object of the desired accomplishment.  In the language of the most successful people on earth, it is generally known as a Mighty Dream.  A dream so big, so clear in your own mind, and so terribly important to you that you cannot live without it.  You simply have to have it! 

A dream of this magnitude will without question…“arrest and hold your total attention” day in and day out, week in and week out, year in and year out until through your own perseverance of work ethic, you achieve it.  You will not need to have someone else holding a rod of motivation over you to keep you at task in turning your “have-to-have” dream into reality.  You will not need any further external encouragement to keep you on point toward doing the work required to possess your dream or goal.

A significant dream of this magnitude will become a “Magnificent Obsession” for you.  It will occupy your thoughts almost every moment of the day.  It will be the first thing you think about every morning as you awake and the last thing you think about every night just before falling off to sleep.

Do you have such an important dream as this in your own mind? 

Now let’s make one thing perfectly clear…God has already given you and everyone of His other human creations this mighty and powerful ability to dream and to develop a dream into a Magnificent Obsession.  You already have what it takes to become totally successful…BUT…You have to discover this power within yourself and then learn how to use it on your own!  The important thing is that you learn how to use it.  Now what you become in the process of failing and trying again,… of missing your goals and making another attempt at achieving them,… or of getting back up for another go and fighting another round,… is what really makes the difference between failure and success.  What is your Failure Quotient?  How many times can you experience failure and still continue fighting on towards the achievement of your mighty dreams?  Can you and will you persevere?

Never forget that you will always wind up victorious,…you will always win,…as long as you get back up one more time than you get knocked down.

You cannot stop someone who will not be stopped!

Allow me to share a short story with you that explains my point a little more clearly…Determination precedes all achievement.

A story was once told by Mr. Harry Adams about a very successful European newspaper man who relearned the Power of Perseverance.

Jean-Dominique Bauby, forty-five, a French journalist who had been editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, Elle, suffered a stroke in December 1995.

It left him unable to either speak or move, although his mind was unaffected.  The only part of his body still left under voluntary control was his left eyelid.

Bauby learned to communicate with that eyelid.  First, he learned a signal for “yes” and another for “no.”  Then when a therapist recited or pointed to the letters in the French alphabet, he would blink when she reached the letter he wanted.  In this way, he formed words, then sentences.  Difficult though it was, he composed an entire book, The Diving Suit and the Butterfly, prior to his death on March 9, 1997.  In its first week of publication, it sold 146,000 copies.

Bauby did what he could with what he had!

Now hear this statement clearly, bury it in your own mind and never forget to recall it whenever you are down, discouraged, facing overwhelming odds against you…or are just about ready to throw in the towel on yourself.  This is my message from God to you!!!

To each and every person that God has created, He has given some ability and some opportunity for service.

You are included in that statement of truth.  It is up to you to pick yourself up one more time, go back to work, and Persevere on through to completion…do what you can do with that which you have….it is always enough!…and you will be successful.

Seek And You Will Find……….. 

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