If You Want To Become Successful You Must Learn How To Work Smart

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Success is a planned event

Success does not attack

Success is not an accident

If, in fact, you have come to your own conclusion that you are tired of beating your head against the wall, that you are fed up with trying to succeed in a manner or method that simply won’t allow you to succeed, or that it is just simply the right time for a major change in the direction of your life… ..Then…by investing in this website, you have come to the right place.

I am not going to give you a quick-fix solution to your own created situation.  There is no special silver pill that I can prescribe that will be an immediate cure-all to all of your ills….But…I can give you some keys that truly will unlock the doors to your bright and exciting future….The only requirement on your part is that you must be willing to open these previously unavailable portals, and pass through them into a bigger and better world for you and all of those who are close to you, and that you love.

Are you up for the trip ?  Are you ready to begin the journey?

This is how I learned to work smart…..Learn and understand and then apply God’s  Laws of Success through the work ethics of operating your own business.  Learn all these things while you are loving and serving your fellow man.  And make absolute certain that you are doing it all for the glory of God.

This much we know.  You will build a dream with the use of your life while you are on this earth……..

You will either build another man’s dream or you will build your own dream.

The choice is yours.  Likewise so will be the results.

I tell you the truth…If you spend your life building another man’s dream, I guarantee you will live to see the day that you will regret it. 

There is only room for one dream in any one business.  Unless you own  the business your labor, time and energy will not be used for the building of your dream.  They will be used for the building of another man’s dream.  And in the end you will wind up with little or nothing.

That said….doesn’t it just make better sense to build your own dream?

If you want to become successful in the United States of America, you must become a participant in the American Free Enterprise System of Economics.

Success is not a spectator sport.  You must become a active participant.

The only way that can be accomplished is for you to meet both of two specific requirements.  Requirement number ( 1 ) is for you to own, run and operate for a profit your own honest and legal business.  For that you need to have a business vehicle.

There are many vehicles available to you….but….make certain that the one you choose works and exhibits a great track record for producing business owners who have achieved the level of success that you are looking to accomplish.  In other words……know where the train is going before you buy a ticket and jump on to it.

Once you have chosen and engaged in your own business the other requirement needs to be met before you can really get on to the road to success.  Here is requirement number ( 2 ). You need a very good personal mentor.  A qualified person who preferably has a financial interest in you and who will freely give you the proper advice and counsel as to how best to operate your own business in order to produce your desired profits.

This second requirement will be the most difficult of the two to engage.  Any business vehicle you examine needs a good mentorship program and/or support system.  If such a program or support system is not in place…. do not get involved.  Look for another opportunity.  Remember success begets success.  Throughout all of God’s creation, good, right and proper things always get better with time.

I personally believe as did Andrew Carnegie that anything in life worth having is worth working for.  Such belief certainly motivates one to continue working, doesn’t it?…Regardless of the results being actually achieved.  Delayed gratification has always been a hallmark of successful people.

There is a Universal Law of Success that applies equally to everybody…no exceptions.  This Law states that our attitudes shape our future.  This Law works whether our attitudes are destructive or constructive.  The Law states that we translate into physical reality the thoughts and attitudes which we hold in our minds, no matter what they are.  We translate into reality thoughts of poverty just as quickly as we do thoughts of riches.  But when our attitude towards ourselves is big, and our attitude towards others is generous and merciful, we attract big and generous portions of success.  God’s truth still remains….you will reap that which you sow.

Nothing of any great significance is ever accomplished without good solid work.  I hope with all of my heart that you possess the will to work.

Loving people and serving them is the greatest value in life.

In my business I teach all of those wonderful people who want to learn and who are willing to take the time and put forth the effort to learn and then put to consistent use what I consider to be the Great Lessons of Life.  

There are many such lessons but six of the most important are as follows:

1.  Greatness comes to those who develop a burning desire to achieve high goals and strive for excellence.

2.  Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep on trying with a Positive Mental Attitude, until the task is finished.

3.  To become an expert achiever in any human activity, it takes practice…..
practice……practice….and then more practice.

4.  Effort and work can become fun when you establish specific desirable goals.

5.  With every adversity there is a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit for those who are motivated with Positive Mental Attitude to become achievers, and who are willing to keep looking for the benefit until it is found. 

6.  Man’s greatest power lies in the power of prayer.

When you know these truths and are able to apply them in your own business in an honest manner with total integrity,…and you never break God’s Laws or violate your fellow man’s rights,…then you know that you know that you are doing the right thing and that in the end you will reap your own great reward as long as you persevere and do not give up!

Thank you God…I am on the Road To Success!

Leaders Gotta Lead…..


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