After four decades of success, I am excited to share with you my knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to help you develop yourself in all the really important areas of your life.

My Premier Members website will have three times the content of my blog. It will be informative, straight-forward, no nonsense teaching based upon all that I have learned, been taught, been mentored and have accomplished.  I promise that what you receive from this website will be well worth your investment.  You can expect articles, videos, audio recordings, books, recommended reading resources, and other exclusive members only content.

I will post My Blog every Saturday of each month. On Mondays a Leadership message will post.  On Wednesdays I will post a Spiritual Believers message.  On Fridays I will post a Special Subjects message.  These messages will cover the following eight areas over a two month period. Marriage, Developing Your Faith, Did You Know?, Great Men & Women of History, Manhood, Stories That Will Bless Your Heart, The English Language, and Special American Events.

All posted messages will be in PDF format so that you may print or download them for your own personal use.  Please review your member agreement for the rules governing the content usage.

My Blog, Developing Your Faith, Leadership, Spiritual Believers, Marriage Series, Manhood Series, Stories That Will Bless Your Heart, and Special American Events messages will be in MP3 audio as well.

All of this special information will be presented to you for your personal benefit every month for the very low membership fee of $ 9.99.

More content may be added as the site matures and progresses.

Live on Purpose, Live on Fire, and Ignite Those Around You.”Dave Severn