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I was born and raised in the State of Idaho.  I grew up with a fishing pole in one hand and some type of a gun in the other.  My mother and  father both were outdoors people.  They taught me and my older sister and younger brother how to enjoy and live in the wild outdoor country of the Rocky Mountains.  All three of us kids learned survival skills in any kind of climate or geography.  We learned how to hunt and fish and be able to live off the land if necessary.  It was good, sound and very valuable training.

My entire family loved the wild Idaho outdoors. We were most comfortable and secure growing up in four distinct and separate seasons of the year in the plains and mountain country of the northwestern United States. 

Crackling, popping, and aromatic camp fires were a very natural and on-going part of my growing up life.  As a matter of fact, they still are.  I learned a life time of knowledge, common sense, resourcefulness, and  truth just sitting around a burning campfire and listening to people talk.  I also learned how to spin a “yarn” or tell a bear story or two. I received my own personal Severn Family Master’s Degree by just sitting around the fires listening to my parents and their friends pass on the truths of life, other stories, exciting tales, family history, patriotism and lots of other wild Americana. 

Since this new website is going to be a summation of my life’s work, I believe it should best be shared, at least in my Blog, with the background sounds, settings, and context of a roaring campfire. 

Do you hear the sounds of the fire?   Imagine the roaring blaze and woodsy smell of logs burning, snapping and crackling.  Warm air surrounds you.  Maybe a golden brown marshmallow or two on a stick is being held close to the edge of the heat, waiting for just the right moment of perfection roasting before it is plucked from the stick and popped into someone’s mouth.  Do you hear the laughter of friends and acquaintances blending into the sounds of the burning logs? Make no mistake about it, the warmth and comfort of a friendly campfire is the stuff that makes for great and lasting friendships.  It can become the glue that holds together and strengthens those personal relationships among family, friends, associates, and, yes, even strangers.  Campfires have a way of bringing people together.  If you are able to blend in some musical tunes via instruments or voices or preferably both, then the best of all worlds can come together.  The sharing of thoughts and feelings and all other emotions freely flows in the shared warmth of a burning log fire in an out door fire-pit, nestled in a secluded spot under a star-lit night.  It is simply magical.  It will always produce those “moments to remember.” 

Anyone in attendance may start the story-telling or story-sharing.  There is no pecking order or protocol as to who should start or end the melodious moments.  Truth, stretched-truth, any kind of stories are all totally acceptable.  “Yarns,” family history, “Tall-Tales,” bear stories, personal testimonies, “Songs,” poetry, and anything else you may wish to express are all acceptable and desirable subject matter around Poppa Bear’s Campfire. 

The purpose of our time together around the fire is simply to get to know one another a whole lot better than we presently do…no matter how long we have been together.  Personal relationships, if they are to grow stronger and to last longer, must have “time-together” as the major ingredient for the recipe to work.   

The campfire will be burning every week from here on out.  Your spot will always be reserved for you real close to the fire.  Your warm heart is always welcome to come sit with us every Saturday throughout the year.  All you need to bring is yourself, an open heart and open mind.  There will be just you and me and my special Friend, The Lord Jesus.   Anyone else who chooses to show up will always be welcome.  

Warmth, love, care and trust are just a few of the many important things that get shared around a campfire.  It is my desire to continue sharing those,…and other things…around the warmth of this computerized campfire. 

Get snuggled into the blanket and cuddled near the warmth and love of Poppa Bear’s campfire.  Get comfortable. The yarnin’ is about to start.  

How’s about someone throwin’ one more log on the fire before I begin?   


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