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Leaderprofile"Every time we have the honor of getting around you, we are deeply impacted by the immense wisdom you each have. We feel so thankful to be in your business and to learn at your feet. From your profound business and people-building messages, to your life changing teaching and motivational talks, to your intimate personal advice, we always walk away better people for having been around you.”


sevmarraige“From the first time we saw you speak on a stage to a large audience at a major springtime business function in 2006, it was evident that your marriage was incredible. We love hearing your business associates talk about your relationship. We have observed from a distance how you serve each other and love each other. Your example has set the bar for what marriage can and should look like. For that, we are forever grateful.”


wisdom“Dave-Without question you are the greatest teacher in your entire business industry. Your wisdom, incredible communication and standard of excellence have changed our leadership and the way we build our business”

“Jan-You are truly a woman of strength and lead by an incredible example. You have the most beautiful spirit”


3 Crosses“We had always struggled with finding a spiritual root to our lives prior to this business, but your lifestyle evangelism has deeply impacted us. To see your faith, especially in light of your journey the past several years, has changed the course of our spiritual walk. We have grown roots and they continue to deepen, in part because of your great example and your spiritual believer messages.”


bigstock-A-family-with-parents-childr-13919669-p“Thank you for living out the words you teach. There is such great strength within your entire family as witnessed by your lifestyle and the way you all treat, love, and respect one another. From what we have observed, your family is indeed the example we so strongly desire to duplicate. Thank you for permitting God to use you all as a light to shine in the darkness of our fallen world to light the path we are traveling.”


f-bigstock-Businessman-Hand-Shows-Diagram-45577966“If we had one word to describe you, it would be committed.  You have taught us what this word truly means.  Thank you for having a dream big enough to include other people, a faith strong enough to penetrate our spirits, and a love precious enough to inspire our hearts.  We love you, respect you, and are so grateful for your influence in our lives."


bigstock-Arlington-Cemetary-Fall-Foliag-4447732-p“Recorded history is best used as a basis to evaluate, measure, and judge what the actions, efforts and activities of any individual or groups of people or things actually were at anytime or anyplace in all of man’s earthly past. To know and understand and even predict what lies ahead for any population of people, one must first know their past and how it shaped and effected those same people and their ancestors. All of the greatest achievers throughout all the world have all been great students of history. ”

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December 2018


  • 12-3-18  Achieving Real Success is a Mind Set
  • 12-10-18 Your Character Is Always On Display
  • 12-17-18  Becoming More Selfless
  • 12-24-18 Only Time Will Tell


Spiritual Believers

  • 12-5-18 Having A Moses Moment
  • 12-12-18 Jesus Survival Weapon of Choice-Scripture
  • 12-19-18 The Questions God Answers
  • 12-26-18 A Matter of Opinion



  • 12-28-18 At Last…Back Home


Great Men & Women of History

  • 12-21-18 Standing Firm


Did You Know?

  • 12-14-18 Visual Art-The Chauvet Cave


Developing Your Faith

  • 12-7-18 Spiritual Strength Comes from Laminating Your Life Experiences


November 2018


  • 11-5-18 Personal Character is The Cornerstone of All Success
  • 11-12-18 Bare Bones Facts of Achieving Success
  • 11-19-18 When I Face A Storm In Life
  • 11-26-18 Integrity Is A Worthy And Hard-Won Achievement


Spiritual Believers

  • 11-7-18 Your Words Are Powerful And Permanent
  • 11-14-18 The Hands of Jesus Christ
  • 11-21-18 Opportunities And Why They Come Into Your Life
  • 11-28-18 Feeding Ourselves



  • 11-30-18 Oh No! I Married The Wrong Person



  • 11-2-18 Satisfaction


The English Language

  • 11-16-18 Tenacious


Special Subjects

  • 11-23-18 E Pluribus Unum


Stories That Will Bless Your Heart

  • 11-9-18 The Story of The Praying Hands


October 2018


  • 10-1-18 Who, What, When, Where, How, And Why
  • 10-8-18 Know Your Life's Purpose
  • 10-15-18 A Personal Checklist For Making Changes
  • 10-22-18 Great Leaders Walk With The Wise
  • 10-29-18 Commit To Pay The Full Price For Change


Spiritual Believers

  • 10-3-18 Who Is In Charge?
  • 10-10-18 All that You Give, You Give To Yourself
  • 10-17-18 Waiting To Hear
  • 10-24-18 God's Life Lessons
  • 10-31-18 One-On-One Care


Great Men & Women of History

  • 10-26-18 Luke



  • 10-5-18 Both Husband And Wife Need To Be Optimists


Developing Your Faith

  • 10-12-18 Keep on Keeping On…Anyway


Did You Know?

  • 10-19-18 Music For The Home:The Piano