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The Generating Power of all Human Action and Activity

It was desire that brought progress to the world.  Without it, we all would still be living in a primitive age.  Everything we have in our modern world is the result of desire.  Indeed, desire is the motivating force of life itself.

This truth can be seen all around you if you simply stop long enough from your wild and speedy comings and goings…to observe it.  Watch for it in the animal kingdom, in all forms of plant life, and in all actions and operations of human beings.  Hunger promotes a desire for food, poverty a desire for riches, cold causes us to desire warmth, inconveniences a desire for better things.

Truly I will tell you that Desire is the generating power of all human action, and without it no one can get very far.  The keener, the more urgent the desire, the sooner will be its consummation.  That is exactly why Intense Desire has to become the forerunner of a Burning Desire.  It is the Burning Desire that generates the power to turn Dreams into Reality.

Desire is what makes the difference between the uneducated ditch digger and the person of accomplishment, between the clerk and the executive, between the failure and the success.

The only difference between the great men and women of achievement,…the multi-millionaires, if you will, and the low income manual laborers is:  How they Think and What They Do with their spare time and spare money.

So everything surrounding great success and achievement must first begin with Desire. It must all begin in your own mind with your own thought.

The desire can be for anything.  Typically it involves something in your life that needs to change.  You need a better position, a new source of income, a better job, improved circumstances, a more loving and growing marriage, better financial capacity,…whatever it is, it must be significantly urgent and important for you to achieve.   

Now listen, if you really are serious about achieving it, then the Desire must be for something that is so critically important to you and so completely clear in your thoughts that your accomplishing it will totally arrest your mental attention.  It will cause you to think about it all of the time!  It will create an Intense Desire in your heart and mind….you will simply Have to Have It!  You will not want to continue to live without it! 

So you must start with Desire, and then begin fervently Believing that you can, without any doubt or trepidation, achieve and obtain the Desires of your own heart,….that which you picture in your own mind’s eye.  You need to bombard your mind with pictures of exactly what it is that you so fervently Desire to achieve.

You want to sharply focus a mental picture of your Desire on the screen of your own subconscious mind.  In addition you must discipline yourself to keep completely out of your mind all distracting thoughts, negative ideas or any fear or doubt projections that might otherwise penetrate your subconscious mind.

I suggest that you find or take pictures of exactly what it is that you truly Desire to accomplish.  Put those pictures up in all the places where you spend some uninterrupted private personal time.  Carry the pictures with you at all times such as in your wallet or briefcase, in your car, or at your office.  Put those pictures up all around your home, particularly in your bathroom and in your bedroom.  Look at them carefully every time you pass by them.  They will become the first thing you think about in the morning when you arise and go to the bathroom and they will be the last thing that you look at and think about before going to sleep in your bedroom.

All this activity is to allow you to focus your mental energy on those things, conditions, or circumstances that you truly desire to be in your life.  If your desire is for a certain amount of income in your life, write out the amount you desire on a piece of paper and put it up in a place where you must look at it every day.  If it is for an intangible thing or item that you really cannot physically see, then write out a short description of what it is that you desire and put it up where you have to read it out-loud to yourself every day.

What is important is that you mentally see a picture of exactly what it is that you fervently desire,…every day.  The more often you can visualize the Desire, the speedier will be its materialization.

As you begin this process, you do not need to know or have any idea of how the results are to come.  You need not concern yourself about this.  Just work in faith.  Leave it to God and your subconscious mind which have their own ways of making contacts and of opening doors and avenues that you may never have seen or thought about before.

I tell you, by following these instructions and consistently and persistently performing the correct work habits needed to turn your dreams into reality, some incredibly amazing things, people, and events will begin coming into your life.  You will receive assistance from the most unexpected sources.  You will find that ideas useful in the accomplishment of your program will come to you at the most unexpected times.

You may be suddenly struck with the idea of seeing a person you have not heard from for a long time, or calling upon a man you have never seen before.  You may get the idea of writing a letter or even just a short note or making a telephone call or even sending an e-mail.  WHATEVER THE IDEA IS….BOLDY FOLLOW IT!

When you pursue these new thoughts, ideas, and actions you will discover that they are but pathways God’s spiritual forces  can use to assist you in achieving your desires.  Stay alert!  Pay attention to the people who come into your life.  Always be on the look-out for someone or something new to show up in your own sphere of influence….no matter where you physically are.

When something or someone new comes into your life…stick your hand out…say hello….put a smile on your face…tell them your name and ask them for their name.  Start a conversation.  Show some interest in them.


When you give your dream a life of its own by investing your own time, energy, and resources into the achieving of it, then God will begin the process of bringing people into your life who will help, contribute, and assist you in accomplishing your dream.  Don’t worry about who those people will be….just trust God…He will bring them into your life.

The key is that you first put forth the full blown committed effort necessary to turn your dreams into reality.  You do your part first.  Once you have shown God by your consistent work ethic that you are serious and can be trusted, then, He will do His part.  He will bring the people into your life who will assist you in achieving your dreams and goals.

You are responsible to start the whole process.  You begin it with a thought which then will be developed into a mighty dream.  After a while of you putting forth your time and effort required to bring your dream to reality, you will have developed a Burning Desire to achieve your dream or goal.  This Burning Desire will provide the generating power for both you and God to bring together enough people..a team, if you will, to turn your dream (Desire) into reality.

It is quite a beautiful thing to watch start, develop, and become reality.

Your Part always comes first.

Leaders Gotta Lead………………………………..

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