How Big Is Your Brain?

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I have just completed a self evaluation wherein I carefully and completely took a hard, honest, and open look at myself,…my activities,…my work ethic,…and my performance over the last 20 months of my life. While I am still very excited about what I am doing with my life and what is coming from those efforts, I find myself wondering why things are not moving faster than they are…sound familiar?

All of us,…yes, everyone, without exception,…who is on the trail of achievement,…who is working hard for the accomplishment of their known purpose,…who is striving for success,…will all pass through the valley of the shadow of doubt and wonderment. I am no different than is everyone else…and I have the same doubts, fears, questions, and even worries….why?…Because it is a common trait of all created men and women, and I am (just like you are) an individual miracle creation of a God in heaven who fearfully and wonderfully knitted me together in my mother’s womb and who preplanned a great and glorious plan and purpose for the living of my life! That is why!

As a born-again Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I can and do stand on and completely trust in all of the Promises of God for my life and the lives of all those who are in my family and close to me in personal relationship. I am indeed a Child of God,…I am the son of a King,…I have royal blood flowing through my body…I am royalty of the highest kind…and so is any other born-again Believer!

After I had finished my self evaluation, I took a long time to ponder and rethink all of the things I discovered about myself. Isn’t it amazing how much there is that we do not really know about ourselves. Isn’t it amazing
how much we think we know,…and know well,…that in fact we really don’t know. Isn’t it amazing how some of us even teach other people as to how to do some certain things,…only to sadly and ashamedly come to realize that we individually are not doing what we are telling other people to do! No one ever said life was easy.

During one of my many discussions with several of my personal mentors regarding what changes I should consider making to correct the areas of weakness I had identified from my personal evaluation, I was given a piece of advice from a Gen X person that really rocked my world. This information has caused me to think, evaluate, change, and adjust the manner and way I conduct myself and my affairs in the coming days and years.

The advice I received was from a youthful, very successful, well educated, and wonderful young woman who is performing at a level way above the norm for her age and experience in life. What she had to say was, quite frankly, mind-boggling to me.

You see, not everyone thinks and believes the way you or I do. What is important to me, may very well be totally unimportant to someone else. What I personally believe to be critical to the living of life may very well be completely irrelevant to another person and how they choose to live their own life. And so wisdom and understanding of other people and of how God wants us to live our life is what really matters….When you live your life as God directs believers to live their lives, then no matter what happens everything is going to work out properly and for your own good. That is a Promise of God.

Now I am an “Old School” type of person. Old fashioned is what the youth of today call me. I am of the “Baby Boomer” generation. I grew up without cell phones, computers, television, and every type of personal convenience apparatus, tool, or machine imaginable. I used “elbow grease” and a hand shovel to move things around and clean up dirty places. My family life was totally structured. We all ate breakfast and supper together as a family. We talked and communicated one with another during discussions held at the supper table. Dad worked hard and long hours in his efforts to adequately provide for his family. Mom raised, cared for, and nurtured we three children. Hand-me-downs were a way of life. No embarrassment. We wore what our family could afford. Credit cards did not exist. When you picked up the hand set of the telephone receiver, the live human operator asked you, “number please.” She then would connect you to the party you wish to call and speak with. We read the newspaper everyday. Listened to the radio for news, information, and family entertainment. If you wanted to learn more about something or some person or thing, you pulled out the encyclopedia and read about it. Book reading was an important family activity and special quiet uninterrupted time was set aside to read. Good Palmer Method Penmanship was always required. Sloppy handwriting was always corrected by rewriting the entire message or paper. Family was king. Good manners were always expected. Proper English was demanded to be spoken. Proper and courteous speech was the manner and way we spoke to or about each other. We spent lots of time together and the dining table was the centerpiece of the family communication system. That is why we all knew each other so well.

Well, back to the important thing I learned from my mentor. She said to me…The last two generations, Gen X and Gen Y, are “texters” they are not e-mailers. Particularly the Gen Y group. They are always in a hurry and usually without a known or planned destination. They are just rushing around really going no where in particular,…but always in a rush to get there. They live on their smart phones. They can walk, talk, and text simultaneously. They do not speak in full and proper sentences, and they don’t spell well or even close to correctly, and they have little, if any, idea of proper punctuation. Most of them see no need to know how to do any of what I just mentioned. When a person uses letters rather than words in their communications with other people, there is really no need to develop and use a great vocabulary. These type things are not important to these youth personally. That does not necessarily mean that such activities are not important for learning.

Now here is what my mentor said that really rocked me. She said, these youth of today speak and communicate in two sentences. A text message of today that is longer than two sentences, is almost always passed over and saved…not read…Such decisions and activities are just one of those things that the reader plans on getting back to when they are not so busy doing nothing important. The only problem is that they never get back to the saved messages. I guess their thinking process tells them that if something cannot be said in no more than two sentences and can be further shortened by abbreviations and a new language of acronyms or images, then it must not be too important or worthy of reading or learning about. I will tell you that in and during my seven decades of living my life and working with other people helping create some very significant things, I know of very few important things that can be adequately discussed or accurately described in two sentences or less.

A big headful of meaningless little things is not more valuable than is a little headful of extremely big and important things.

Knowledge and understanding must come into one’s mind before it can be used and applied to grow yourself to a higher level of life. In order to grow and become more than you are, you must first acquire the knowledge and wisdom necessary to use in order to grow yourself!

I tell you the truth…whether you like it or not or whether you agree with it or not,…the fact is that you cannot learn all there is to know about how to become successful in one short sitting,…in one brief learning session,…with one quick-acting pill or capsule, or most importantly in two sentences or less.

This blog and website, was intended to be a great learning and teaching tool to be used and taken advantage of by those aspiring individuals who truly wanted to learn more about becoming successful and accomplishing the real dreams and goals they have in mind for themselves and their loved ones. This blog is a “whistle wetter.” It gives a foretaste of the type and kind of information that is openly and boldly discussed in great detail within the articles and discussions of the remaining Premier Members section to the site.

Nobody knows everything about everything. Certainly I don’t. But I can tell you that with over four decades of my personal learning, reading, listening, studying, and applying what the greatest men and women of history, who have achieved the biggest and most significant things in our world today, have documented and performed. I can and will disclose and share with you through the articles and discussions within the Premier Members Section of this website what and how those great accomplishers did and continue to do in light of a rapidly changing world, society, and culture.

The Laws of Success are God’s Laws. They apply equally to everybody. God is no respecter of persons. His Laws, once learned and properly applied, will continue to produce great results today just as they have down through the ages of time for all those who applied them. Knowledge about these laws is the prerequisite. The Registered Members Section provides you such knowledge and understanding.

All of my personal research within the pages of the Premier Members Section of my website accumulates and discloses what these great achiever’s efforts and combined wisdom was and is based upon their individual performance. If you will become a Premier Member to this site, you personally can and will gain great knowledge and understanding of the actual requirements for achieving great success in your own life! By becoming a Premier Member for a minimum monthly fee (about two lattes a month), you will possess the condensed knowledge of these great achievers without having to take the time, energy, and effort to research them out all on your own. That time savings will provide you the added benefit of having more available time to apply what you have learned. Effective productivity is the real key to achieving great success in life. The needed knowledge for you to become highly productive is made available to you as soon as you become a Premier Member to

Success takes time. It cannot be learned and accomplished overnight.

There is a success formula that says:

Knowledge X Action = Power

You must have the knowledge in your own head before you can act on it.
And most often, you cannot gain the required knowledge needed to become successful in just two sentences or less.

Success is a journey,…it is not a destination.

Peace And Love to All of You………………….Poppa Bear

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