Have You Got The Guts To Succeed?

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Have you ever been around people who simply refuse to face and/or accept the truth when they hear it? Have you ever told the truth to a person and they knew that what you said was true, and yet they just would not agree with you? Well, this discussion is going address some of these type issues straight on,…face-to-face. You can run if you choose, but you cannot hide. Truth always wins out in the long run.

Please understand that the contents of this discussion are not aimed at embarrassing any person, or creating any heartburn or hurt for any one individual. This article is being discussed because I continually see people much more capable than am I, struggling, not growing to higher levels of life,…not achieving their dreams and goals. These unhappy or distraught folks are, more often than not, people who know better, who know that what they are doing is inappropriate or even detrimental to their building their own businesses. And yet they refuse to accept the truth of the matters, make some new decisions, and then make the appropriate changes in their thinking and acting so as to create their truly desired results.

Well, now comes some truth. I hope you can handle it and I also hope that you can receive it in the same manner and way that I am giving it to you,…in love, care, and concern for you.

Fact: If you don’t know where you are going, and how you are going to get there, it is guaranteed that you will not like where it is that you wind up!

No one meanders their way to success! No one is gifted their own success. Even if you inherit a fortune, or a business, or an income generating enterprise, you will soon lose it unless you take charge, take personal responsibility, and take action to grow what you have been given. Success is not an accident. Everyone is different from all the others. We all have our own idiosyncrasies. But human nature is one of the three things in life that never change, and because of human nature we know and can accurately predict what people will do or not do as a result of their decisions, counselors, environment, and/or actions.

God’s Laws (Success Principles) are the same for everybody and apply equally to all activities. Hence people become completely predictable. In order to make major changes, significant corrections, or complete turn-arounds in and with your life, you must be willing to face the truth and act on it in the correct and appropriate manner.

Fact: You cannot eliminate God and His Laws from your personal or business thoughts and activities, and then expect or even ask Him to bless you and your actions and/or desires.

Just as you personally would never reward a disobedient child within your own family, neither will God Almighty reward disobedience within His own family. Faithless thoughts and actions, fear-filled negative thoughts and deeds, failure to perform when required, and inappropriate speech and performances will always rob you…of their attached godly rewards and benefits. God’s Word tells us that “To know good, and to do good when you know that you should do it, and then fail or refuse to do it,…is sin!” The simple truth is that if you sin, there will be no reward for any reason…”The wages of sin is death!” By the way I would caution you that ignorance is never a defense when it comes to evaluating God’s Laws.

These factual statements alone should motivate you to want to know what is the right thing to do and then you should be eager to do it! That is why doing the right and righteous things in life is always greatly rewarded. God Almighty always blesses the person who acts and behaves in the godly and righteous manner and way.

How you think, act, and perform during the course of your life is always in direct relation to your own character or lack of character. God’’ blessings or His curses await you after your actions have been taken.

Do you have the “guts” to face the truth?…Well, here we go!

If you think you are doing O.K. right from where you now are standing, performing, living, or being, then I challenge you to raise your standard of comparison. Raise it all the way up to being totally and completely Financially Independent and Personally Free. Raise it all the way up to having and living a strong and boldly displayed personal relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ. How well are you doing compared to those two things?

Let’s try a simple exercise. Assume that you plan to work until you are 70 years old. On average, the youthful adolescent joins the workforce by age 20. So there is an approximate work span of 50 years for the man or woman who stays healthy and stays gainfully employed and consistently working. Now you take your average annual income (after all payroll and income taxes have been deducted) and multiply it by a factor of 50 years. The result will be your maximum expected personal earnings if you stay at your current position and pay scale. Is it enough to stay up with the rising costs of taxes, interest, and inflation rates that can be reasonably expected over the next 20-30 years so as to keep your current lifestyle in tact? Now please be honest in your evaluation and keep in mind that because of technology, your employer, industry, or profession may not survive the vicious changes that surely lie ahead for all of us. Hard line telephone systems, buggy whip manufacturing, printed newspapers, and the like stand as testimonies to what happens even to the solid businesses who encounter technological change. What will your income be if you are no longer employed or if you own a business that is eliminated by technology? If for any reason you are hurt or medically incapacitated and can no longer perform your required work responsibilities, what will happen to you and your family and your lifestyle? What if a medical tragedy or catastrophe forces you into bankruptcy? What kind of an excuse do you think would be acceptable if you had to tell a family member who is dying of some disease or who must have a certain type surgery in order to continue to live, that you just cannot afford the life-giving medical treatment?

It takes lots of internal fortitude and good old-fashioned “guts” to face the truth. Do not fool yourself. Each and every year the costs of living continue to rise. Is your current income rising with these costs in the same or greater percentages? If not, you are going to be falling behind! Such a developed short-fall hurts when it is initially encountered. But it can wipe you out in the long run!

We are living in turbulent times. Intelligent people always keep their eyes, their ears, their minds, their thoughts, and their options open…all the time…for good ideas and opportunities that can and will benefit them. I will simply tell you that the greatest chances for you to succeed will come to you through the owning and operating of your own business. Those available opportunities are readily within grasp to the enterprising people who want more out of life than they presently have,…who are upward mobile,…and who possess good ambition and internal drive needed to accomplish more in their lives than they presently have.

It takes guts to succeed. Laziness and/or unpreparedness are the foundations of failures.

Success occurs in a person’s life when opportunity and preparedness meet. It is a major focal point of everyone’s life.

It is my sincere and heartfelt prayer that you always remain at the ready, that you keep yourself properly prepared to succeed, and that you keep your eyes and ears open to great business opportunities that God sends into your life. The ones from God, always come into your life unexpectedly from “out-of-the-blue.”

Peace And Love to All of You…………………Poppa Bear

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