All You Got To Do Is Act Naturally

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I am a full grown Country and Western music kind of guy. Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold, Sons of the Pioneers, Buck Owens, Charlie Pride, and many more remain my favorites today. I prefer music from yesteryear as compared to modern day western sounds. Like most things today, the new songs and lyrics lack the richness, depth, and soul of those tunes, lyrics, and songs with which I grew up in the fifties and sixties (before the hippies came into being).

Now as I have aged, the music seems to have degenerated into just mostly noise coupled with many bad words and themes. As I grew up through my youthful years, I was urged and trained to read more, learn more, and guard my own mind and body against incorrect and improper information and activities. My parents would always remind me that my own mouth was not a garbage can packed full of trash, but rather the part of my personal anatomy to be used for good communication, good discussion, and proper eating of only that which sustained me. My mouth was only to be used for the God given purposes for which it was designed.

Well, I have since come to know that the very same parental logic and guidance I received during my youth can be used and is likewise just as applicable, for and to the learning and understanding of the principles of success. You see, friends, God is no respecter of persons. What works for one will work for the same for another.

But nothing will work for anybody who is not willing to work for themselves, i.e. to use their own gifts, talents, and abilities to do that for which they were created.

One of the main aims of this website in general and this Blog in particular,
is to present the truth and guidance gained from my more than seven decades of learning and personal experience,…and from a great majority of the greatest people and organizations that have succeeded over the entire history of this world in which we are now living. The beauty of this benefit is that, as a Premier Member to this website,, you can get all of this knowledge and information through the various subsections of this website,…without having to dig it all out for yourself using hours and hours of your valuable time that would be needed to uncover and acquire all of the information that is and will be provided to you. My hindsight can can will become your foresight, if you will become a Premier Member of

If you are wise and are willing to invest under $10 a month in yourself and in your own mind, you will reap the rewards and benefits of all that current and historical wisdom and knowledge that has been gleaned from the lives of those great men and women of the past and the present. And you will get it all without having to take all of the time, effort, energy, and resources that is required to dig this knowledge out on your own.

Now back to the discussion of this article…….

In light of the opening remarks regarding western music, one of my all-time favorite western songs was recorded by Buck Owens and was entitled
“All You Got to do is Act Naturally.” The essence of the lyrics was that a success-oriented individual always performs at his or her best when they are doing the things in life that they love the most to do, and they easily know how to do them. A well known fact is when motivated people are doing the work and other personal efforts that not only will produce their desired success, but more importantly that they are well able to do,…i.e. they enjoy doing them, then the recipe for achieving success is complete and it is sure to happen for them. In other words, the work effort required to achieve real success needs to become a “labor of love,” and consequently is to be fully enjoyed as it is performed.

Let’s face it. You will never get very good at doing things that you dislike doing….You will never achieve great success in the efforts you spend in performing work or acts of service about which you cannot get excited or enthusiastic. For this very reason and truth of life, if you really do want to become highly successful at what you have selected to be your chosen field of endeavor, then you have to make the right choices as to where, what, and how you personally perform. You will never “luck” your way to success!

All of that being said, permit me to share one small bit of truth with you.
An enthusiastic, positive outlook in performance of the work required to be done,…can and will transform any situation in which you are involved or are about to begin.

A quick-to-mind example of what I am attempting to communicate to you is the subject of religion. It, for the most part, is considered by far too many people to be a matter of “pie-in-the-sky.” It is thought of to be something that maybe will or most probably won’t come to happen in the “sweet-by-and-by.” So since there is no big deal to be made about religion and its tenets, there really is no immediate need to get too riled up about it. Well, may I say to you that real religion is and always has been redemption in the here-and-now as well as a strongly based hope for the hereafter,…known as eternity.

The realities of faith, hope, and love can and will make every day of your life an exciting adventure.

A man once remarked to his good friend, “I just had a good long walk to the post office, and I made an important discovery.” The good friend asked the man what it was that he had discovered while on his walk. The walker’s reply was simple but to the point. He boldly stated, “During the fall and winter times of the year I try to get as much sunshine as is possible. On my walk today, I could have been in the shade most of the time, but I found it was just as easy to walk on the sunny side of the street.”

Permit me to tell you the truth: How you do something and the mental attitude with which you do it are usually even more important than what you do.

Often times we have no choice about doing things, but we can always choose how we do them.

Allow me the chance to share with you some direct quotations made in years gone by that have blessed the lives of people thousands of years ago, and have impacted people in such a way that they still remain important to us this day.

“Establish thou the work of our hands upon us.” Psalm 90 : 17

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

“He who labors diligently need never despair, for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor.” Menander (343–291 B.C.)

“The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.” Cicero (106–43 B.C.)

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” Seneca (4 B.C.–A.D. 65)

Now please think beyond these quoted words. They were originally said or written thousands of years ago, but they inspired, encouraged, and motivated other people to aspire to them and diligently employ them into action. Look what has been accomplished over those very same years because some one, some where, was moved into action by coming to understand what a word of encouragement can and will cause another human being to do.

You cannot give out that which you do not already have within you; that which you personally possess.

Take in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and lots of experience either from reading or listening or observing others throughout the history of mankind, and then use it, by sharing it with other people with whom you associate,…to your own advantage and personal productivity.

Increased productivity is the primary ingredient to creating happiness. And yes, happiness automatically creates peace of mind. And that my friends is what true success is all about.

So with all that in mind, may I exhort you to choose an arena of success in which you desire to participate, then gain the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding necessary to accomplish your desired level of success. Once armed with these attributes, immediately begin taking action needed to achieve your own success. If you want to enjoy the journey on your chosen road to success…turn your work efforts into a labor of love.

To do that, all that is required,…all you got to do,…is act naturally.

You can only be a first class you. At the very best you will only become a second class somebody else. Just be your best self!


Peace And Love to All of You…………Poppa Bear

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