Will Success Ever Happen For Me?

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So many times when new people start a new business venture or strike out on their own into new territory never previously traveled, they hesitate, stumble or even fall.  There usually is no one there to pick them back up except themselves.  We all would like to minimize the struggle and sometimes the pain of bruised elbows, knees and egos. That is just natural for all humans.  But unfortunately that is not what or how God plans for each of us to learn the good hard lessons of life that are required of all those souls who desire to become successful.  The “School of Hard Knocks” is the institution which graduates almost all really successful people.

Remember that it is not what you make in becoming successful, but rather it is what you become in becoming successful….. that matters the most.

Simply put, I will tell you that God will never give you more than you can handle.  Sadly most folks are not ready to handle great success and its related wealth until they have gathered lots of failure, learning, experience and compassion coupled with wisdom.  Consequently you must realize and understand that good, honest, and proper success will take time.  It is a crockpot affair….not a microwave oven affair.  My advice to you….get started, do what you have been instructed to do by your mentor, work hard and smart, seek assistance from other people who have a financial interest in you, stay in constant communication with those people who are guiding you, and finally stay steady and consistent at doing the necessary work to achieve your desired results.  PATIENCE is the watchword. 

Many people really want to become successful….but they don’t make it because Success Has a Price Tag and very few such people are ready and willing to pay full price to achieve their desired success.

There are no bargain basements when it comes to the price of success.  Every person on the road to success has a different price that must be paid.  Every person is different and comes onto the road at different levels and stations in life.  What is hard for me,… may be very easy for you.  Simple tasks for me may be most difficult for you.  It really makes no difference what is easy and what is hard.  The fact is that required work and parameters needed to achieve your goals and ultimate success are what is REQUIRED.  Do What Needs To Be Done with the necessary parameters in place at the different levels of achievement you want to reach…… and all the benefits that you were told will be yours …..will be yours !!!

Never compare yourself to anyone else.  What some one else has or has not done has no bearing on that which you can do.  The roots of destruction lie in the seeds of comparison.

Whenever you compare yourself to some other person you naturally tend to compare your greatest weaknesses to the other person’s greatest strengths. Doing this will always widen the gap between you and the other person to its greatest possible width.   Hence….you loose……  Don’t Do That.

All that a winner needs to know is (1) What is it that needs to be accomplished?…and…What is it worth for achieving it ?…and…(2) Has  some other person done what it is that I am attempting to do?  

You see, dear friends.  If some other person has done it, then that just means that the job regardless of what it is…. is doable.  Therefore anyone can do it who chooses to and who will stay at task until the job is completed.

The only other question to be answered is…Is it worth it to me to complete the job that needs to be done ?

If the answer to that question is “YES” then from here on out to the achievement date is nothing more than doing the right work required and continuing to do it until the job is done!

Finally just remember this truth. You are just the messenger.  Your job is to simply share the information.  It is up to you to expose the business opportunity.  Everything else is between your prospect and God.

Don’t stick your cotton-picking nose in someone else’s cotton-picking business.   Mind your own business.  Concentrate your energy, efforts and thoughts into the building of your own dreams and goals instead of worrying about anything or anybody else.

Now in good-ole-boy terms that simply means….Walk in Faith.  Don’t worry about results…Keep focused on the only thing that will ever produce desired results….and that is consistent effort in sharing the opportunity to your prospects.  You do your part,…..and let God do His part !  As long as you are doing your part, I promise you that God will bring the people into your path with whom you will build your own successful business and future.

Henry David Thoreau said it right in his book WALDEN:

“I learned this, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”  

Leaders Gotta Lead…..

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