Welcome To My ‘Campfire’…

CampfireWelcome to my ‘campfire’. I am glad you decided to join me in the warmth that can come from telling stories, learning about life, and enjoying time together to create moments that can change relationships.

I encourage you to listen and read my first blog… “Let the Stories Begin”. 

Anytime we meet here, you are joining a community. You become a valued member of the circle “around the fire” and you are always welcome.  Your input is always desired.

On this site, I will be posting a weekly blog covering a wide variety of subjects in the general categories of leadership, faith, wisdom, marriage & other personal relationships. This blog will be a “hint” of the style, content, and impact of all of the other articles that appear in the “Registered Members” section of my website.

Ten major sections will comprise my website: Developing Your Faith, Heroes of the Bible, Leadership, Spiritual Growth, History, US Government, The English language, and Personal Relationships including Manhood and Marriage.  There will be weekly posts in these categories in multiple media formats of PDF’s, audios, videos, articles, and more.

Information shared has been accumulated through my life’s work and personal experience.  I want to give you what I have learned on my life’s journey the hard way. I want to invite you to my campfire.  Please join us, you are going to like it.

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Thank you and Enjoy the warmth of the Campfire!

-Dave, AKA “Poppa Bear”