To Become Greater Than You Are…You Need Help

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No one—No one—ever makes it alone !

Man’s two biggest misconceptions are:

1.  He thinks he is invincible….that he is going to live forever….and…..
2.  He thinks he is in total control of himself and his environment.

Both of these thoughts are complete nonsense.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking either one of them is true. 

I tell you the truth:  The Creator is greater than that which gets created.
                                 God created man….man did not create God.

When you understand these two truths, life really gets much simpler and easier to live.  Lots of old timeless arguments are quickly settled.  For instance, the old question that most folks argue over continually is immediately resolved….Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Well if the creator is greater than that which gets created, then obviously the chicken had to come first.  Why ? simple answer……Eggs don’t lay chickens!

In connection with the above two misconceptions of man I offer this explanation:

1.  God numbered the days you will spend on this earth at the moment of your conception.  Nothing you do will change or alter that length of time.  The only exception I can think of would be a tragic self-imposed action that terminates your own life. 

2.  The fact is that you are in control of absolutely nothing that happens in your life except for the thoughts you have,… the decisions you make,… and the actions you take based upon those decisions.  The only other things that you control are those things that you allow to enter your mouth or your mind.  God is in total control of all the other things you  experience.

Nothing, other than those four things discussed above, occurs in your life without the approval of your Creator…whether you like it or believe it. Things, events, people and situations come across God’s desk for approval before they ever wind up occurring in your life….oh and one last thing….God is under no requirement or obligation to give you or anyone else an explanation as to why these “things” happen in our lives.  His plan for your life is just that…His Plan….not yours!

Fate, coincidence, chance, accident or even luck…?  I don’t think so.

I am totally convinced that many times, in the course of our lives, God challenges us with

a golden opportunity….
… a seemingly impossible hurdle…
… a terrible tragedy….
… or……
… a traumatic event…

and how we react or fail to react—-determines the course of our future…..
it is as if we were involved in some sort of a heavenly chess game…….
with our destiny always in the balance.  Righteousness and obedience are the two keys to winning the game.

Now before you set your jaw and begin to think some not-so-positive thoughts of a rebuttal to the above statements……Unclog your ears and open your mind……..Please put yourself in the proper receptive frame of mind necessary to extract full value from what I am about to tell you.

Remember…..No man knows everything about anything.  You can always learn something from everyone with whom you come into contact……..if you are looking to learn, and if you are able to maintain a positive mental attitude.  It is for this exact reason that author, Napoleon Hill, stated:  “In every adversity there lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit, IF, you look for it with a positive mental attitude.”

a.  By accepting the possibility that I just may have something valuable to share with you…..

b.  By taking into consideration that my 36 years of study, experience and observation just may contain some information that you should have in order to accomplish what it is that you need to achieve…….

c.  By understanding that my hindsight can be your foresight….  

d.  By learning what I am trying to communicate to you……

e.  By grasping the knowledge and experience that I am sharing with you…… 

You just might able to take months and years off your learning curve on your  own personal journey to success………

By doing these five things ( a,b,c,d,e), discussed above, which really so far have cost you nothing, who knows just how far you could go?  Let us look ahead to the days and years you are about live,….let’s perform a little dreaming exercise and vision-casting for, say the next 5 years.  

Please permit me to ask you two simple questions:

1.  Which is a less painful way for you to learn,…from my broken nose or from your own broken nose ?


2.  Doesn’t it just make good sense to hush, and  listen  and read  and digest and learn  so as to enable you to get to where it is that you desire to go………. sooner as compared to later ?

Oh I think you will have to agree that you will be much further ahead if you acquire more knowledge and wisdom than you now possess and keep it readily available for use.  I believe you will also concur with me that you can learn from other people’s mistakes, and therefore be equipped as to how to best utilize your new found knowledge.  Once you know what you should do, and  how to do something properly,…you can then perform well and achieve your desired results.

Many years ago I learned a simple formula that I have since observed applies actively to every individual’s life.  Allow me to share it with you.

Knowledge  x  Action  =  Power

Do you want to have some power on your side as you head down your chosen path of life ?   

Knowledge can and will give you the edge necessary to out perform your competition or to perform at a higher level of excellence.  I tell you the truth….Knowledge coupled with experience cannot be beaten.

I personally am not claiming that I know everything about everything…..or….that I am the wise know-all about life and success.  That is not my point in sharing this information with you……..Quite The Contrary……..I am sharing this knowledge and experience with you in an attempt to help YOU grow to higher levels of achievement and service to your God and to your fellow man.  Iron sharpens iron.  My heart’s desire is to help you achieve more in your life by sharing what I have learned while living mine.              

I know full well that I can help you….IF…. you will listen carefully….. and…learn that which I am teaching to you…..and….internalize it and take full personal responsibility  “for it ” and to “ use it”…..and….then go out and apply the knowledge I am sharing with you…. as you: 

  *build your business,……
  *create and establish good interpersonal relationships…..
  *make new and exciting friendships and associations…
  *influence many many new lives in a very good and proper way……
  *improve your marriage and family life…..
  *increase your faith in your God and in other people….and….. 
    do it all for the purpose of loving and serving your fellow man and loving         
    and serving your God.  All glory be to Him.

Now remember these two truths:

1.  You can have anything in life that you want…IF…you are first
      willing to help enough other people get what they want.  
      Are you willing to do that ?


2.  Money is a storehouse of wealth and value. But more importantly money
     is a unit of measure of the amount of service that you render to another

If you want or need more money in your life…then you must first be willing to serve more people. 

Are you ready to start serving more people ?  

If you have responded affirmatively to these two questions…then.



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