The Road To Your Success

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Good company can meet anywhere,…and it is still good company.

The above statement is true and it shows and tells the real value of surrounding yourself with good and valuable people, associates, colleagues, and most importantly friends.

Pause for a moment in your busy and fast-paced life and give strong thought to the class, type, and caliber of most of the people with whom you spend most of your time.  Have the courage to ask yourself these few questions…….

Do these people make me a better person?  Do these people raise me up to a higher level of life?  Are these people in their life or on their way in their life to places where I truly want to be in my life? And finally, do these people and the time I spend with them lift me and my family to a higher, good and proper station filled with integrity?

Oh those are very tough and powerful self-examining questions…Agreed?

If you are choosing to become successful, you had better make certain that you can answer each of these questions in a good and positive manner.  If you cannot,…then immediately make some upward changes in the class and caliber of people with whom you associate!  In other words, raise the level of people with whom you spend your valuable time.

Listen carefully…..The books you read and the people with whom you associate comprise your mental environment and…you, as a human being, will be a product of your own mental environment!  This is a true and factual statement regardless of who you think you are.  You need to pay very careful attention to those two things as you decide what you are reading and with whom you are associating.

Success does not attack!  You will never be struck with a bolt of success.  Success is not an accident.  Success is a planned event.

Success is not a destination….Success is a journey.

Make certain you fully understand what I am telling you now.

The road to FAILURE is very broad and wide.  It is fully paved and well marked.  It is declined on a gradual downhill slope so it makes for very easy travel.  It is always very crowded with many travelers on their way to nowhere.  There are lots of rest stops and turnouts.  There are all kinds of exits that you can easily take.   Most of these exits lead to no where.  They are dead ends.  

There is never a need to worry about traffic danger or congestion as all the people on this road are so busy just following the person immediately in front them that they never stop to look and see where the whole crowd is actually going.  The general rule of thumb of the travelers on the road to failure is just follow the one in front of you….if he or she goes into a river or lake and is destroyed….that’s O K just follow them.  Don’t worry…Be happy!

So your pilgrimage on the road to success is a process and it is going to take some time.  Buy into that concept early on in your journey so that you don’t get derailed as you are traveling.  To get to the end of the road….you must continually stay on the road.   

You do not meander your way to success.  You won’t see an abundance of roadside play areas, rest stops, or turn-outs along this road.

The idea is that you are to enter onto the road to success, and then choose which actual lane you wish to travel in.  You can either be in the slower speed right side lane, or the middle much faster rate of speed center lane, or you can choose the far left passing lane where there are no speed limits.  Once your travel lane is chosen all that is required of you is to depress the accelerator and begin moving in the direction of your dreams.  Got it?

Remember as you are traveling, that you are in total charge of your speed and your direction of movement.  Self Trust is the first secret of Success.

So trust yourself throughout your journey.

This thoroughfare to success never will be a crowded roadway.  You won’t see many fellow travelers.  About 98% of the rest of the world won’t be on this road to success and inhibiting your rate of speed.  In fact, it can be a rather lonely place.

That is O K.  That is the exact reason why you want to carefully choose your associates.  You may really need their help and/or company some time during the days ahead and you want to be sure you are traveling with good solid well founded partners and like-minded associates.

Another thing about this roadway that you should know is that it really is an unimproved path of travel.  It is narrow.  It is steep.  It is rocky.  It is strewn with many holes, boulders, washouts, destroyed bridges and lots of detours.  FEAR NOT.  KEEP MOVING FORWARD.  STAY IN YOUR CHOSEN LANE.  WALK IN FAITH….NOT BY SIGHT.  If you possess internal drive and a definiteness of purpose…you will make it!  You will succeed! 

Are you beginning to see the importance of having your personal road guide………your personal mentor… you make this lifelong journey?

Remember each day you spend en route towards your dreams always results in bringing you one day closer to the accomplishment of your dreams.  Slowly, surely,….steadily stay the course.  You will get there if you keep moving forward.  SUCCESS IS THE PROGRESSIVE REALIZATION OF A WORTHWHILE DREAM.

If you fall,….just make sure you fall forward….that way you will always be moving ahead!

Take no vacations…breaks….days off… them what you will.  The key to completing your journey is to keep traveling each day.  There will be plenty of time to rest and enjoy your prize when you reach where you are attempting to go.  

The steady everyday plodder is the one who gets to where he is headed.

Chin up….Eyes forward….No distractions…..We will see you at the end of the road!!!  It is way up there at the top of the ladder to your own success.

Leaders Gotta Lead………..

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