The Physical And Spiritual Symbols Of Christmas

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Christmas, its meaning, symbols, adornments, gifts, activities, family involvements and most importantly its LOVE are not the same for everyone. Just as no two snowflakes are identical. No two people, couples, or families experience the self same feelings, emotions, and blessings arising from the celebration of what the world calls Christmas.

Regardless of personal differences or familial beliefs, faiths, and teachings, there are many aspects of the Christmas celebration that indeed are the same. These fixed “things”are locked into place as they surround the Christmas Season in an undeniable and historical manner and way. They can all be seen, observed, witnessed, experienced, and enjoyed by any and all people…because…we (all people) have the same Creator and have been conceived in the same manner and method. Always remember that the same God Almighty who created the heavens and the earth was the same spiritual being who created mankind. We all do have and do share some significant similarities,…some special common ground surrounding how and why we all came to this earth. It all happened not as a result of an accident, a random unplanned event, uncontrolled molecular collision, or some sort of an evolved process. Oh no,…it all happened instantaneously because God spoke it all into existence! The Universe, including ourselves, were divinely designed, engineered, and created to live in good health and prosperity on this earth.

We and all of the rest of creation were brought forth onto the earth by and through Divine Design! It all happened miraculously at the instant of conception! Throughout the Bible, we’re given examples, stories, and events that show and tell us how all things came about and why God allowed them to occur. Nowhere within the pages of Scripture has there ever been a description that professes that God made any kind or type of things by accident. He always works with committed intention to complete every one of the jobs He starts. He is always “at work” and stays “at work” all the way through the job to total perfection and completion.

God always left some sort of a monument or marker at the places where great events occurred as reminders to the times, events, and people who were there and who participated in whatever event that took place. God wants any and all of His Markers to stand as testimonies to the people and the events that occurred at these special locations to remind His Creation of their commanded obligation to pass the history on to subsequent generations.

With that in mind, permit me to share with you some of the physical and spiritual markers,…some of the reminders to all people of the world what Christmas is all about and what actually happened on that celebrated Day as God humbled Himself and came down from heaven to the earth to live for a short time as a fleshly human person. He was willing to do this just so as to become the final sacrifice as an atonement for all of the sins of all mankind forever and always even unto all eternity.

Come with me now as we visit some of these special reminder Symbols of Christmas. Entertainers and broadcasters Bill and Gloria Gaither provide these beautiful words to call our attention to the Symbols of Christmas:

“The God of the Universe has
‘moved into the neighborhood!’
God is with us! Emmanuel!

Let’s make sure our children understand each symbol:
the star, the lights, the green of new life,
the red of blood, the angels, the priceless gifts,
the shepherds and sheep,
the lowly stable and manger.

Tell the story with every tree, centerpiece, mantle,
tradition and with special food.

Keep the meaning of every gift and every song!”

As you experience these coming holidays, keep the true meaning of Christmas alive in your homes and families. Renew old friendships, forgive all your trespassers, and always know that God truly does love you.



The traditional Christmas colors–red, green, and white–have been used throughout the ages since Creation to signify the blessed Christmas story:
     Green represents eternal life.
     Red reminds us of the blood that Christ would shed for our sins.
     White signifies the purity our hearts can find only through His

Very often as we view this colorful spectrum of visible Christmas displays, we will see vivid accents of Gold which represents the costly and valuable offering brought to Him by the wise men, or bright Silver that has been refined by the fire,…just as we are refined through our faith and obedience to the Savior.

The ancient Christmas carol “The Holy and the Ivy” beautifully explains these special colors of Christmas through its lyrics. Remember these words as you are decorating your home for the Christmas holidays.

The Holly and The Ivy

The holly and the ivy
When they are both full grown,
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown.

The holly bears a blossom
As white as lily flower;
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
To be our sweet Savior.

The holly bears a berry
As red as any blood;
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
To do poor sinners good.

The holly bears a prickle
As sharp as any thorn;
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
On Christmas Day in the morn.

The holly bears a bark
As bitter as any gall;
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
For to redeem us all.

The holly and the ivy,
now both are full well grown,
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown.

O the rising of the sun
And the running of the deer
The playing of the merry organ
Sweet singing of the choir.



The Christmas Tree, regardless how simple or elaborate it may be, stands as a timeless testament to all men and women and to all boys and girls that Christmas means,…a special time to join together and rejoice to God,…giving thanks for all that is joyful and holy about the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth.

The Evergreen Tree symbolizes the eternal life Christ was born to give us.
The branches of this tree bear reminders of the beauty, joy, and hope of this season. Lights illuminate even the darkest corners of all the surroundings with sweet light and brightness. The top–the focal point– glows with a reminder of the guiding star and angelic choir that announced His arrival to this earth.

“O Christmas Tree”

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!
In beauty green will always grow
Through summer sun and winter snow.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
You are the tree most loved!
How often you give us delight
In brightly shinning Christmas light!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
You are the tree most loved!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Your beauty green will teach me
That hope and love will ever be
The way to joy and peace for me.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Your beauty green will teach me.



Within the boundaries of our Christian Judeo founded and established nation, in most homes, public buildings, or other venues in and around the areas people inhabit, the central focal point of this Christmas Season is a multi figured statue depicting The Birth of Jesus Christ, The Nativity. Who has not been moved a little closer to the Story by seeing that manger at the center of the Nativity scene holding, cradling,…The Savior of the world? Who hasn’t lingered at the sight of His mother seated in the hay by His side with the carpenter, worshipping the baby King whom they would raise? Who hasn’t imagined the initial terror–then the unmitigated joy–of the shepherds when the angels burst onto their quiet hillside with trumpets and songs announcing the birth of the Messiah? And the wise men bringing lavish and valuable gifts, traveling mile after uncomfortable mile just to see the infant for themselves and to expressly worship His arrival on the earth? Every marker, every reminder of this incredible story brings its reality closer and closer to us. This is not a manufactured or contrived legend that men have conjured up or spun and embellished over the centuries since it occurred. Oh no,…This is real. This recorded event actually happened and was witnessed and recorded through the written word.

Somehow this scene–whether on a Christmas card displayed as a reminder at home, or reenacted by human beings in formal or informal presentation–always touches us more deeply than simply imagining it in our minds.

The Nativity

Away in a Manger

…..“Be near me, Lord Jesus
I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever
And love me I pray”….



We Three Kings

“O star of wonder, star of light
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us with thy perfect light.”

On that first Christmas night, the huge dark sky spanned across the great country-side for as far as could be seen in any direction. The brilliant star studded heavens had to have been lit up to a breathtakingly beautiful sight. The view–the millions upon millions of stars–must have truly been a sight to behold. Father and Creator God does indeed reveal Himself through the panorama of the night time heavens and galaxies. Yet one star guided the journey of the wise men from the Far East. Just one single, brilliant, star. These wise men,…these scholars,…knew the difference between this one star and all the others that dotted the sky. This star was all that they needed to guide their journey of discovery,…to lead them to the newborn Savior of the World.

Whenever you place a beautiful shinning star on the treetop, or suspend it high on the rooftop, it becomes a gleaming witness to the astronomical mystery that guided some of the wisest men alive on a journey of faith. You see, it was not their individual intellect alone that persuaded them to travel in the dark. Rather it was The Light–His Light–that led them,…that led their every step,…reminding them that this special birth was much more than just any other birth. This baby King was the One the world had been patiently waiting for!

The star is the one Christmas decoration that we know, beyond any reasonable doubt, was hung by the hands of the Creator of the Universe for the arrival of His one and only Son.



John 1 : 4-5 NKJV:

(4) “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.

(5) And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did
not comprehend it .”

Candles, twinkling lights, shining displays both indoors and out…lights of every kind and color cast their mesmerizing beauty throughout the season, transforming the appearance of our homes, our neighborhoods, our streets and churches, and our places of businesses for a few glorious weeks every year.

Parents gather all of their kids in the family car to take in the beautiful Christmas lights in our community’s surrounding neighborhoods. Or they sit in a darkened room just staring into the dancing flames–snapping and crackling–of the wood fire,…corralled in the fireplace. Or they just gaze in wonder at the lights on the tree reaching out to us with their silent glow. Or have been drawn in as Christmas Eve candles, one by one, multiply their light, suddenly dispelling the darkness. The bright and welcoming lights of this season seem to emanate warmth, hospitality, joy, and peace.
These lovely colors draw not only our eyes but also our hearts, somehow softening all of us.

Of course, it is not really the lights that soften us, but rather, all that they represent: the Light of heaven, once untouchable and invisible, now suddenly flooding into our dark world and completely transforming it with perfect, eternal love. His life here on earth was a true beacon for all of our darkened understanding. His stories and parables shed light, wisdom, and knowledge on concepts none of us could have comprehended on our own. His presence still illuminates even the darkest reaches of our hearts creating beauty and change there.

All of “that” is the miracle of Christmas–a miracle well worth celebrating. When we light our candles and other decorative lights which illuminate our homes and neighborhoods, we corporately celebrate the Christ child, the man He became, and His Holy Spirit, all of whom still to this day illuminate our every step.

“A Christmas candle is a lovely thing;
It makes no noise at all, but softly gives itself away.”

Eva Logue



Creator God made us in such a way that very often our worship simply erupts and bursts into song. It is the language of the angels, who spread the Good News to the hillsides and their occupants on that night of His birth. And this miracle virgin birth has kept the world singing every since. There just may be no more moving expression of worship than songs that help us celebrate the otherwise inexpressible things we hold so close to our hearts during this Advent season.

Music–whether spiritual or just plain fun–always makes the human heart react whether it wants to or not. So I exhort you to sing your way through the Holidays! Always keep the music playing–what ever sets your heart and mind on the joy and irreplaceable memories of this most wonderful time of year.



We Three Kings
“Bearing gifts, we travel afar…”

In the Ancient Days days preceding the the birth of Christ and without the aid of maps, travel guides, and GPS, we know that three wise men fully knowledgeable in the Holy Scriptures and their prophesies packed up their belongings and gifts and headed west to find and worship the newborn King. A special star, The Star of Bethlehem, was to be their guide that marked their destination. Of course, their destination was the baby Jesus! And truthfully so should ours be the same. Finding Jesus for us today means not only reveling in His love, but lavishing that love on those around us, whether they live near or very far from our homes. We uproot our lives and those of our children to gather together at this celebratory time of year just so that we can be together,…be next to one another. We gather either at Grandmother’s or Grandfather’s house, at our children’s homes, or simply bring everyone back to the place where the original home-fire is always burning. We always know and joyfully understand that Christmas will not be the same without all the family getting together and worshipping at this miraculous time of year.

The truth is that so many happy and wonderful memories are made when we set aside our everyday routine and go out of our way to share Christmas with all of our loved ones, bringing gifts from afar…(or even from just a few blocks away), finding a way to worship Him together with the people He has given us as company on this journey through life.



Winter Wonderland

“Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire…”

Around much of this world, Christmas happens during the coldest or at least the chilliest time of the year. And although it most probably never snowed in Bethlehem on that special night of Jesus’ birth, or any other day of that month,…many people are just like you and me, they really enjoy and are drawn to crackling log fires, steaming hot cider, hot chocolate or coffee, and fresh hot soup to warm themselves after a time spent outdoors in the cold weather. Such are the perfect conditions for huddling or snuggling together with people we love. And for finding warmth and refuge from the winter weather. In some cultures of the world, a traditional hardwood Yule Log is chosen and burned for hours to provide maximum long term warmth during the hours leading up to Christmas.

One must be ever on-guard against the temptation to get side-tracked from the true intention and meaning of the Christmas celebration. The culprits causing such derailments are shopping lists, human desires or demands, events and programs, or any other kind of distractions taking our time and attention away from the celebration of the birth of Christ and all that His birth encompasses. Keeping warm together, particularly around a snapping popping fire, offers us all a chance to just “be ourselves” and to reflect upon a Savior who came to the earth to bring peace to His people. Sharing a hot meal, a good cup of coffee, a perfectly toasted marshmallow, or precious stories and memories around the fireplace brings blessings and joy to all of those in attendance. These customs or special family occurrences make perfect kindling for deepening our ties with one another and the One who eagerly waits for us to rest at His feet.

If we can picture our Savior as the “Inviting Fire” that beckons us to rest, fills us with His warmth, burns away all that is not important, and prepares us to go out into the cold world. When we keep this personal relationship with our Lord and grow closer to Him, Christmas becomes far less stressful and more deeply fulfilling than we could have ever imagined.



“Though your sins be like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow.”
Isaiah 1 : 18 NIV

Not everyone gets to experience a white Christmas. However, if you have been so fortunate as to have experienced such a beautiful scene, I know from personal experience that you have had your breath taken away by the stark whiteness as it covers all of the earth in a sparkling blanket. The snow covering forgives all blemishes in the total landscape and it softens the ground and its tree lines. Snowflakes–unique from each other just as are human beings with our one-of-kind DNA–all band together to seemingly engulf the world in angel wings.

This gift of a fresh covering is a vivid image of the life we can experience through a personal relationship with the Son of God, Emanuel. His coming to the earth in a flurry of wonder and surprise, changed everything about the world as we know it. Though not always comfortable or predictable, a winter snow is a profound picture of the contrast found in our world before Christ–and after. He makes our weather-worn hearts as pure and beautiful as they were created to be. And the best and most beautiful part to His presence is that He does not depart us when the season of the year is over!



Christmas in the Country

The laughter stops as
Pop picks up the Bible
It falls from habit to Luke 2
And none of us will ever tire of hearing,
“Now children, here is how God came to you.”

“There were in that same country
shepherds watching
The flocks at night upon lonely hill…”

And with his well worn voice
he tells the story
Of how God loved us once and loves us still.

Believers, real and true Believers, in The Lord Jesus Christ hear the Christmas story over and over every winter. And from the abundance of their hearts (minds) they tell and re-tell it to any and all who would listen. Never stop telling this story because it is the greatest story ever told! The King of kings born in a smelly stable–to a virgin. His new life endangered because of another jealous king, yet spared so He could ultimately sacrifice Himself to save us. Far better than any adventure, love story, or redemptive plot that could ever be born from the human imagination, this is God’s Story– and it will be told for all eternity! It is a living story–still moving us the more we believe it,…still changing us the more deeply we understand it.

Every time we hear it and every time we tell it, He is glorified.



“Our gifts and those of the Magi
Do not hold the same prophetic weight,
But both are given in love
And both are good and perfect gifts
descended from the Father above.”

Calvin Miller

The gifts the wise men brought to Jesus carried both practical and prophetic significance. On the practical level the gifts served as a means of financial support for the young family. But their prophetic symbolism still reminds us of what Christ’s coming meant to the world. Gold, a gift for royalty, represented His kingship. Frankincense, the aromatic oil burned in worship ceremonies, represented His priesthood. Myrrh, fragrant oil used to prepare dead bodies for burial, represented the sacrifice He would become for our sin.

The gifts we all exchange at Christmas time with our loved ones might run more along the lines of aromatic candles, jewelry, cologne, or perhaps bring thoughtful reminders of significant memories or hopes we share in common. Regardless of how simple or elaborate, practical or luxurious, whether handmade or purchased, gifts are always a tangible reminder that we are valued…known…loved.

The act of gift giving deserves thoughtful consideration. We are recipients of Christ’s very best–His very life. Giving out of that blessing shines a sweet new light on our act of giving to others. Rather than a list to be checked off, our gifts are a beautiful, fragrant offering that represents far more than their tangible value!



When Christ knew the time was drawing near to fulfill His mission as our Savior, He gathered His beloved disciples together at the supper table to break bread together with them. After sharing the symbolism of the bread as His body, and the wine as His blood, Jesus urged these men that had travelled so many different roads with Him, “Whenever you do this, do it in remembrance of me.” He knew that for generations to come, this combination of tastes–bread and drink–would always trigger memories of His sacrifice and the Love that motivated it.

This beautiful act of internalizing the Story is not entirely unlike the tradition of feasting as we celebrate His birth. Special and favored tastes and combinations remind us of the hope-filled announcement of His miracle birth and the love that came to rescue us.

When we feast, it really doesn’t matter what is on the table. What really matters is that we do this,…we feast in remembrance of Him.

And so now you hopefully understand to a greater degree than ever before how the sights, sounds, colors, and symbols of this blessed Christmas time all inter-relate and inter-connect. It has often been said that Jesus is the reason for the season. This is true because He is. Let us all celebrate this sacred and joyous time of year together with all those people be they family, friends, relatives, or even complete strangers. God is Love and Love is the greatest gift God has given to us.

Now You Know More of What Really Happened…………

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