Personal Note & Website Update For 2021

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Hello Friends, Members, Students, and Readers:

2020 has been quite a year full of changes, pain, disappointments, difficulties, and some great personal achievements and accomplishments.  Our diversities have once again become our greatest and most powerful strengths.  No matter the cause or outcome, our God has proven Himself to be right and to be faithful and just to allow us to persevere and grow through these difficult times.  Because we kept the faith and continued to perform throughout the challenges and difficulties, God kept us alive and pulled us through the storms and battles.  He kept and blessed us with many blessings and benefits, and used our struggles to strengthen our bodies and minds in preparation for the great works and demands that lie ahead.

For almost ten years I have been researching, writing, and sharing what I have discovered and learned from my personal mentors and actual experience.  I have documented and posted my findings in my own words which I have learned and developed throughout my life time.  I have faithfully researched, written, edited, and posted this information and data on my membership website.  2020 has indeed been challenging.  Like so many of you, the Covid-19 virus and my personal health issues have kept me much more homebound than I would have liked or chosen to be.

Although I am now in the senior years of life, I still have many projects that I need and want to finish and complete.  Consequently, I must begin to scale back the time I invest researching and writing the many and varied articles of discussion each month for inclusion in my website.  At present that accumulated wisdom provides the special knowledge and information I have gleaned and recorded which provides the specialized teaching and understanding I produce and publish within those separate articles of discussion each month in 

Over the past 9 years, I have written and posted on my website over 1,500 Articles of Discussion, and  over 1,000 Audio Presentations.  There are many more that have been written but not yet posted.  I will continue to post such writings and discussions in the days ahead.

To put it bluntly, I have more to accomplish than I have time available to get it all done.  So I must be wise as to how, where, and why I use my personal resources and physical health to get this life-long quest documented and published.  These future plans include writing several books about God, America, Freedom, Free Enterprise, and Personal Success.  In addition I have several contractual commitments that I need to establish, rewrite, and/or renegotiate.  Considering all important things that matter, it is time for me to make some significant adjustments in my life.  I have also started four separate Daily Devotionals one of which has been completed.

December 2020 will mark the termination of all existing Premier Memberships.  All such subscriptions will be automatically cancelled on December 22, 2020.  All current members with have until the end of January 2021 to access and save all previously purchased content.

All this documented knowledge and wisdom is still available and can be retrieved and copied for a nominal fee on my website whether you have been a member before or not.   My Home Page will be completely updated in January 2021 which will contain all of the changes.

I will continue without interruption my weekly Blog “Around the Campfire” and will be using this blog to advise and inform all those who desire the information as concerns all existing and yet to be posted information regarding my books and continued weekly postings.

This is not goodbye.  I am remaining actively involved in writing and publishing my information and guidance.  There will be much more production in the coming months and years.  I have greatly appreciated all of your prayers, comments, cards, and words of encouragement.  They have all been a great uplift and enhancement to me personally.

My personal physical health is about the same as it has been for the past several years.  Just know that God has more in store for me and my desire to serve Him and I will obediently follow His Direction and Guidance.

Blessings and Grace to all of you.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing from you “Around the Camp Fire.”

Dave Severn

Remember,…..Success Always Begins in Your Head.  It all Starts With You Making a Good and Right Personal Decision!……to do whatever it takes for you to become successful.

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