Personal Comfort From The Garden Of Gethsemane

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While you are in His Presence…Accept His Comfort

Have you ever felt abandoned, betrayed, left all alone, or even discarded like a piece of valueless rubbish or trash?  Have you ever felt as if no one else cared about you or understood the great amount of pain and suffering you are going through or enduring?

I think most all of us at one time or another have experienced such feelings or emotions and full well know how much it hurts to be forgotten or not remembered particularly by those folks whom we think are great or even best friends, family, or associates.

Well…permit me to tell you that Christ knew what lay ahead for the “Believers.”  He was fully aware that tough times were in the future for those who call Him Savior.  The fact is, as a “Believer” there will be a mighty price to be paid by those who call Him Lord.  

Such a price will come in the form of long-suffering, persecution, abandonment, misunderstanding, criticism, false accusations, and straight out personal attacks against the “Believer.”  The fact is, however, that you as a true Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ are never alone, never abandoned, or never forgotten.  Once you have been saved by the shed Blood of Jesus Christ and your sins have all been forgiven,… you will never be alone again.  The Savior of the world will always be with you no matter what happens to you…His words are very clear to all “Born-Again” Believers,…“I will never leave or forsake you.”

Jesus Christ suffered as a human being,…as you have or are suffering right now.  He knows what is happening to you and how it feels.  There is great personal comfort for you in knowing what Jesus went through long before what you are having to endure at this point in your life.

This entire scenario is plainly told to us within the Holy Scriptures in the 

Book of Hebrews, Chapter 2, verses 16–18  NLT:

16.   “We also know that the Son did not come to help angels; he came to help the descendants of Abraham.

17.    Therefore, it was necessary for him to be made in every respect like us, his brothers and sisters, so that  he could be our merciful and faithful High Priest before God.  Then he could offer a sacrifice that would take away the sins of the people.

18.     Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.”

You see friends, Jesus knows exactly how you feel–even at this very moment.  The struggles you face are not foreign to Him in the least.  Actually they are very personal to Him.  Rejection, betrayal, loss, grief, physical pain–He has experienced them all.  And when you personally face them, He feels great compassion for you.  He tells us this bit of information in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 9, verse 36  NLT:

(9)  “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”  

The Garden of Gethsemane and the events that occurred therein provides complete understanding and proof that your personal Savior fully understands what it is like to be in so much agony that all you can do is weep and pray.  You must always remember that Jesus Christ full well knew what anguish and pain awaited Him on the cross.  And as He wrestled with the task that lay before Him, He went not once or twice but three times to the Father for comfort, strength, and wisdom.

May I tell you that Jesus Christ well understands how deep your feelings go and exactly what it is that you need in order to survive the trials you presently face.  In fact, He suffered just so He could fully comprehend your pain.  So I exhort you to hold on to the fact that He is with you, He truly cares about you, and that He can truthfully minister to your own hurting heart.  I urge you to go to Him in prayer as often as you need.  Draw closer to God so that He will draw closer to you and comfort you.

     Jesus, how kind and loving you are!

     Thank you for understanding me and comforting my heart,…Amen

God’s Greatest Blessings to All of You………  

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