Out of Sight…Out of Mind

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All good and right things in life always get better with time and togetherness. That is a fact of life. On the contrary, incorrect, improper, or wrong things always get worse with the passage of time or with the failure to maintain a physical togetherness with the parties involved. Simply said, not staying in contact with the people you desire to grow closer to always results in the weakening or lessening of the personal relationship you desire to maintain and grow.

Suffice it to say,…if you want to have a close personal relationship with another human being or group, you must stay involved in each other’s life and you must be physically around them on a fairly regular basis.

There is an age old saying that we have all heard over our own lifetime that says: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” While it is true for some situations, conditions, and relationships, it is much more often not true for the majority of those relationships. If the parties to an interpersonal relationship are not regularly “together,…” if they don’t consistently get together, fellowship, and generally enjoy each other’s presence, if they are out of sight from each other…then I assure you that the relationship will weaken and grow to be stale and unproductive. Gathering together and communicating, playing, breaking bread together, and just enjoying the energy of the relationship creates the glue that holds and binds together the relationship allowing it to survive through the ordeals, challenges, and other obstacles that surely will confront it in the days ahead.

Now listen carefully. In order for any type of personal human relationship to work well, to bless and benefit all parties concerned, and to grow stronger and more valuable over time, it must be a Two Way Relationship. By that, I mean such a desirous relationship has to work both ways by and between the individual parties involved. You must want and desire to be my personal friend as much as I want and desire to be your personal friend…or we don’t and won’t really have a lasting friendship. If the relationship is not equally as strong from both ends working toward the middle, then the relationship will not grow and last over the long term. It will never be as good and strong and beneficial to everyone involved as it could have and should have been. One way relationships never last.

God Almighty clearly tells us within the pages of Holy Scripture that He desires us to be either “hot” or “cold”, but to never be “lukewarm.” (See Revelation 3: 15–16). God wants you to be strong and courageous. He wants you to be bold in all of your activities. He desires for you to honor Him and His love for you through the expression of your own thoughts, deeds, and activities as relates to all other people. He wants you to be hot,..on fire hot, about initiating and developing strong and lasting interpersonal relationships by and between individual people or organizations of people. This is so because such relationships are the foundational basis upon which all human growth and maturity are based.

God tells us of the incredible power and creative production that will naturally be produced from such good, godly, and right personal relationships in His Book, The Holy Bible (See Ecclesiastes 4 : 9–12).

People who work together for the same agreed purpose or goal always will accomplish more and be much more successful than will be the single individual trying to do everything by himself. Positive, productive, and growing personal relationships between individuals have to be initiated and then worked on continually through interactive human involvement if they are to accomplish the desired purpose. That means that effective godly personal relationships have to then be in place and operating among all parties concerned in a Two-Way capacity. Each of the involved parties to these relationships must be actively involved and all be regularly making important contributions to the furtherance and growth of the relationship.

Now watch this very carefully. Building human relationships is not a Science, but rather it is an Art. Because of the uniqueness and diversity of all human beings, one from another, there is no one and only manner or way in which to plant, cultivate, and grow personal relationships with other humans.

All of the people with whom an interpersonal relationship is established and operating are all personally responsible for the growing, maturing, and nurturing of the relationship. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop such a relationship into an organization of creative production.

When God created Adam (man) and Eve (woman) there were no superior or inferior people on the earth. Since God created all men and women with a free will of choice, each and every personal relationship in existence will be different from all of the others. All parties are expected and commanded to be responsible for the maintenance and growth of such human interactions. Good and effective leaders clearly understand that it is their overall personal responsibility to keep each and every personal relationship they have initiated in a growth oriented,…moving ahead posture and action mode. Good leaders never shuffle off or delegate their personal responsibility to keep their personal relationships in place and growing. Hence in reality it is the leader who must be held primarily accountable for the development,…for the continuing growth,…and for the increased production of these interpersonal relationships that exist in and around them. In short, it is the leader who should insure the continuos time and effort spent together with the main parties to each and every interpersonal relationship they have so allowed to start and continue to nurture and grow. The followers should not be expected to be solely responsible for the contacting and maintaining of a physical togetherness by and between themselves and their so-called leaders. Both the followers and the leaders are directly responsible for keeping the interpersonal relationships alive and well.

Permit me to briefly look at the downside of personal relationships that don’t keep growing and maturing because time together among all the involved parties has waned or lessened or completely ended. The “family” that stays physically together,….lasts. The “family” that stays apart,… quickly dies.”

God Almighty designed we humans to be needy of other interpersonal relationships. Foremost of those other relationships is the one between the individual and God Himself. From the influences of the good and growing “God–Man” personal relationship, all other individual relationships will be blessed and caused to grow and mature.

Just always remember that the individual people who stick together in the right, proper, and godly manner and way,…who always show and demonstrate true love and respect for each other, and who go out of their way to spend times together both formally and informally will be the ones who are blessed and rewarded the most for obeying the laws and instructions of and from the Lord. As stated earlier in this article, all good and right things in life always get better with time and togetherness.


Peace And Love to All of You………………..Poppa Bear

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