I Wish, I Want, I Need, I Got

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As it always goes with any good cook, the ingredients of a good quality recipe are the secret to making a tasty high quality dish or meal. The preparation of the meal and how all of the ingredients are folded together to complete the dish is what really makes enjoying the food a memorable event. Otherwise, it becomes just a nice tasting dish that once consumed is quickly forgotten. The recipe, the ingredients, the right type and amount of spices, and how they are all tied together is what really makes the difference regarding the quality and taste of the meal. There are obviously lots of things that must come together so as to make it right.

There is always a right and a wrong way to do anything. The one thing that we all know, for certain, is that to achieve the right results, you must always put forth the right effort in the correct manner.

Just as it is with the recipe, so it is with becoming successful in one’s chosen field of endeavor. All of the right things have to come together correctly if the desired result is to be achieved. All you need is the good high quality right ingredients and the proper advice and counsel as to how to bring all of the ingredients together from someone who has already successfully prepared the desired meal, or has already accomplished that level of success toward which you aspire!

As sure as night follows the day, so goes God’s Laws of Success. Just like His Law of Sowing and Reaping always is valid,…. so are the rules for achieving Success and Prosperity in any arena in which you are striving. The Laws work the same way for everybody, all of the time everywhere The Laws are employed. Of course there is always a whole lot of time, effort, resources and sweat that must be supplied by the individual or groups of people between their dreams (Desires) and their ultimate Achievements (Success).

I want to discuss with you what those key ingredients are that must be supplied by you, so that the recipe will all come together to allow you to accomplish your heart’s desires,…i.e. fulfill your dreams and goals.

Any good quality chef or home-maker will tell you that the wrong ingredients properly mixed together,….or the right ingredients improperly mixed together will never permit a good finished recipe to be produced and fit for the table. All good finished products require the right ingredients tobe properly mixed together in the correct order, before desired results are attained. The very same is true for economic and social success and independence.

In short, the right things done in the proper order of progression, and all done to complete fulfillment are necessary to allow the finished product or result to occur! Anything less will not produce that which you are attempting to achieve. There simply are No Shortcuts! To become and remain successful, you must Do all that is required and do it correctly!


The first and most important step in accomplishing something significant is to “Show Up,” “Begin,” or “Start” the whole process of accomplishment as best you are able with the talents, tools, and abilities you presently possess. In other words to make something happen, you must do the best you can do with that which you have….to do with!

Success is a Process. All Success in life starts with a personal decision. The first requirement then is that you must make a conscious decision that you are going to become successful in your own chosen field of endeavor. You must decide that you are going to begin where you are,…using only those talents and abilities that you presently possess to the best of your abilities,…and that you are going to persevere through all of the requirements until you complete the process and achieve your desired success!! Period, That’s It!! You must decide and resolve in your mind that you will never stop, fall short, or quit the process of growing and changing. You will press on under any and all situations, conditions, and consequences until you finally reach your planned success. No matter how long it takes. No exceptions!

You do not need all of the talents and abilities that other people have. All you need do is to simply begin to use those personal qualities which you already possess. By beginning to use the gifts God has given you, more and more abilities will be added unto you from a myriad of different people and other resources most of whom and of which you have no idea about as youbegin your journey toward your own success!

There is a growing process through which you must traverse. In the process of growing and changing, you will learn new,…previously unknown,….talents, procedures, techniques, and methods of doing the requirements necessary for you to achieve your desired success. “Learn as you go and Do as you grow.” It will all come together as long as you stay at task until the job is completed….In God’s Time…not yours! Perseverance is the key!

Listen carefully……Do I hear the words Walk In Faith ringing in my ears?

In order to become successful, you must First Definitely Decide that:

  1. You are going to BE SUCCESSFUL.
  2. You will PAY FULL PRICE to achieve your chosen success.
  3. You will NEVER TRY TO BARGAIN OVER THE PRICE to be paid.
  4. You will SEEK OUT THE HELP YOU WILL NEED to attain your success.
  5. You will NEVER QUESTION, DOUBT, OR LOOK BACK on your decision.
  6. You will COMPLETE THE WORK AND ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND SUCCEED.You will make your dreams come true! THAT’S IT PERIOD!!!

I do not know of any simpler way to explain such a process. I do know this fact. You never change your made decisions. Once a decision has been made, that’s it,…that is the way it stands. If you change your thoughts or ideas or direction, then it will be necessary to make a new different decision. But it will be a new decision, not a change of a previously made decision.

I sincerely hope you clearly see that if you choose to become successful, you must be able to make decisions! Indecisive people, fence-straddlers, Let- somebody-else-do-it type people never succeed in life unless and until they change and become decision makers!

Success is all about passionately pursuing a definite major purpose for your own life. Such a definite major purpose cannot be something that would just be nice to have. It cannot be something insignificant, unimportant, or unnecessary for you to accomplish in your lifetime. It must be greater than that.

Your definite major goal or purpose must be more than a wish.
It must be something so vitally important to you to achieve that it becomes a Burning Desire,…..an Intense Desire in your own mind.



is a road seldom travelled. It is steep, and rocky. It is narrow and winding. It is rough and filled with detours, potholes, and many other distractions. It takes concentration and perseverance to stay on this road. The terrain will cause you to stumble and fall down. Your legs and knees are going to get bloodied,,scraped, and scabbed over. There will most probably be some pain involved as you travel the road. Here is how it works:

I WISH……Wishing gets you started.
I WANT…..Wanting keeps you going.
I NEED……Needing creates INTENSE DESIRE. BURNING DESIRE Gets the job done.
I GOT………You accomplished your dream.

So here is the lesson to learn. To become ultimately successful in your chosen field of endeavor, you must:

1. Be willing to go ( without any reservation) The Extra Mile in the pursuit of your dream,


2. You must have your mind fixed upon a definite goal……including the necessary preparation for the attainment of that goal.

You do these things,…without hesitation or excuse,…exactly as they have been laid out, and you will achieve that on which you have your mind focused.

Man’s major weakness consists not in the riches he does not possess…. …but in the failure to make use of that which he has!



Leaders Gotta Lead……………


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