Choose Your Own Path…Success or Failure

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There is an old saying that says… If you are living your life the right and proper way that your Creator, God, wants you to live it,…then you ought to get wiser and be more effective as you grow older.”  I would be the first to whole-heartedly agree with the content of that saying.  It is, in fact, a very true statement, but it carries with it a significant caveat, condition, and absolute preliminary requirement.  The saying presupposes that you, the individual referred to above, have first to know and have an personal relationship established with your own personal Lord, Master, and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Common sense emphatically tells us…that before you can live your life in the manner and way that God wants you to live it,…you must first personally know God and secondly, you must know what His Will for your life is!  It is knowing these two things about yourself that are the foundation on which you will be able to live out and accomplish the real purpose for which God brought you into this life on earth to live.  GOD NEVER MAKES A MISTAKE.  HE HAS A PURPOSE FOR EVERYTHING HE DOES OR PERMITS TO HAPPEN!

I will tell you without any conditions and from complete personal experience that as you age as a Christian Believer, as your knowledge and understanding of God and His Ways increases, and as you continue to mature in your faith,….your personal perspective on almost everything in your life will change.  No matter who you are,…no matter what you think.  All of this change I assure you will be for the better, will be for your personal benefit, and will be for developing greater availability and service to your God and His desires for you as you live and use up your life.  When put into pastoral King James vernacular, the same information would be conveyed something like this: “Thou shalt groweth thyself upeth!”  

No one starts out as a Believer in total and completely usable form.  After your personal relationship with Christ has been established, it now becomes your personal responsibility to learn and grow in the knowledge and understanding of God and His Word.

Once you have established a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you are now in a position for you to begin hungering and thirsting after the Word of God.  You are commanded to read and feed on and in God’s Word on a daily basis, you are to meditate on and in God’s Word every day.  The learning and maturation process for your Christian walk is now beginning.  You are to find and begin regularly attending a local church.  You are to get baptized just a Jesus did–full submersion.  Make certain the words,… the Blood of Christ, the Cross of Calvary, the Gospel of Christ, the Triune Godhead, Jesus Christ the Living Son of The Living God, Salvation, and the Sacrifice of Christ Who died for us in order to forgive our sins, are showing up in the verbal discussions, preaching, and teachings and also in the words of the songs and hymns.  Make absolute certain that the foundational basis for all things talked about, preached about, and taught about is all from the The Holy Bible.  I would by all means highly and very strongly encourage you to join into a small group Bible study and/or Sunday School class.  Become an active participating member of the church you have chosen. Do not forsake the regular gathering of the brethren.  

It is the learning and understanding of the Word of God that provides you the knowledge and wisdom to live your life in the correct and proper manner and way that God desires you to live.  It is commonly called righteousness!…“…and ye shall know the truth,…and the truth shall make you free.”  (See John 8 : 32.)

As I have aged and traveled along my personal path to success, I have learned many things, met many different people, studied under some of the greatest men and women in this world both past and present, and then used, as best as I knew how, the knowledge and wisdom I have learned and gained.  I applied it as God gave me the strength and understanding to use it.  The biggest thing that I have learned, that has been 180 degrees opposite to what I thought I knew, has been that I am in control of absolutely nothing in my life except that which I allow to enter my mind, the personal choices I make, the meals I eat and the people with whom I associate or avoid.  It is God alone, My Creator, who controls everything else,…no matter how much I would like to control them or want to be in charge of the people and events that come rushing into my path.

When you finally come to grips with what I am now telling you in your own life, you will at last relax.  You will finally succumb to the Guidance, the People, and the Direction that God brings into your life.  It is these type things that will encourage you and/or nudge you along the path God wants you to take and will get you to start doing the things that God wants you to do.  What I am talking about is commonly called the leading of the Holy Spirit of God.  God is in control of everything important and significant that has, or is, or will be happening to you and how you live your life as you passionately pursue God’s Will and purpose for your life!

When you finally come to the point in your own life to where you really know who you really are in Christ, then you will at last be properly prepared and ready to be used by God to accomplish your personal purpose for being on this earth!  When you arrive at that point, the Holy Spirit, The Helper, will begin to lead you in the way you should go.  As He begins leading you, and believe me you will know precisely when that moment occurs, you are to immediately, unreservedly, boldly, and confidently follow His Guidance and Direction!  Be completely obedient to the Leading of  The Lord.  Always remember, if God gives you a Dream, a goal, a cause, or purpose for your life, He has already given you all of the talent and ability you will ever need to complete your mission.  Don’t worry about how you are going to get things done, just go to work and get things completed that need to be done!  Do the best you can or know how to do, with just those things, people, and resources you have on hand.  Start with what you have and let God add all of the other things you need or think you need unto you.  Walk and work in Faith! 

When you begin doing that very thing,…that is in your heart that you know you are to do,…it is then that you will know that you are at last on the very road to your own success!  The peace of God will envelop you.  Calmness will surround you, people will begin coming into your life that will assist and help you accomplish your purpose, achieve your set goals, turn your own dreams into reality…while simultaneously doing it all for the glory and honor of God and the benefit of yourself and other people. 

God promises the things I am telling you now in the Holy Bible, the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 40, verses 30-31,  NKJV:

(30)   “Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
            And the young men shall utterly fall,

(31)    But those who wait on the Lord
            Shall renew their strength;
            They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
            They shall run and not be weary,
            They shall walk and not faint.” 

Once you really know who you are in Christ, and that you are in fact in the process of obediently following the leading of your Savior so as to complete the major definite purpose for your own life….then nothing can stop you.  You cannot and you will not be denied or forced to cease or abandon your God-given purpose for living.  Indeed you will run and not be weary.

Correct knowledge provides you the right basis on which you accurately make valid decisions.  It is all your own personal choice.  Now you have it, you have all that you need to know….I invite you to make your own choice…What will it be for you?…  Success or Failure.

God’s Greatest Blessings to All of You………………

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