Celebrating The Unknown

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The growing and exercising of your personal faith is to be a daily effort and blessing…a daily form of worshipping your God…a daily effort bringing glory and honor to your God.  This outward exhibition of your faith and love of God shows Him your true love for Him.  It proves beyond a reasonable doubt you are a believer in God, a truster of His mighty Power and an obedient follower of His Instructions.  

Faith really is the evidence of things hoped for,…the belief in things yet unseen.  Faith really is celebrating the unknown, unseeable desires of your own heart  as if they really were in existence. The Word of God tells us the Truth in The Book of Psalms, Chapter 90, verse 14…NKJV:

“Oh satisfy us early with your mercy,
  That we may rejoice and be glad all our days!”

All too many people, get all too up tight, over far too many things, people, and events over which they have absolutely no control.  Allowing yourself to get out-of-sorts over such uncontrollable things is really quite frankly,… childish.  How about relaxing, how about calming down, how about just learning the truth of life and going quietly and confidently about living your own life in a “Cool-Hand Luke” manner and way.

Enjoy the present moment.  You are well aware of your past mistakes, sins, and transgressions, and you know that as long as you are a “born-again” believer in The Lord, Jesus Christ, that those sins and mistakes are totally and completely forgiven.  As a believer, you know that your pathway for tomorrow is fully planned.  You do not know what the future holds, but you do know who holds the future.  Armed with such knowledge, allow me to suggest to you that you:

  1. Begin and continue to celebrate the blessings that are waiting for you up ahead in your life.
  2. Begin praising God for the blessings He is planning for your life.
  3. Begin to celebrate and give praise to God for all of the future unknown benefits, blessings, activities, people, places, and events that He has is store for you and your loved ones to experience as your future unfolds.

This is what is called living in faith!

It is the unknown that provides the magnets that will draw you into tomorrow.

God has a purpose and a reason for everything that happens to you today and in tomorrow.  Things just don’t occur on accident in a believer’s life.  If the future could be accurately predicted, the total excitement of uncertainty would soon be replaced by the boredom of the predictable.  Could you just imagine how boring life would be if there were no unknowns?…if you knew everything that was going to happen to you before it happened? 

As each day dawns with its events and circumstances yet to be revealed, I exhort you to begin to give praise, glory, and thanksgiving to your Creator God for allowing all of the forthcoming events to happen to and for you as you live your life in a honoring manner and fashion.  Get into the habit of always giving praise and glory and thanks to God for everything that happens to you or effects you regardless of the circumstances.  He really means what He says, and He tells us that “all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.”  Of course that would be you,…Believer.  You always appreciate a word of thanks, praise, or recognition whenever you do something that benefits another person or group.  So does God, our Father.  So freely, graciously, and abundantly give it to Him!

You see blessed friends, we all live in an utterly fantastic world literally filled with chances and opportunities to love, serve, care for, and assist our fellow man in a multitude of ways.  Loving and serving other human beings either directly or indirectly is an extremely productive way to live.  And, it is a well known fact that a person will always be the happiest and freest when they are the most productive.  Joy and happiness are wonderful traveling partners on the road to your own success.

The spring time of each year is the renewal time, the beginning of life time, the special time and season that God has purposely set aside to bring new life into existence.  It is a warmer time of year, made especially for the newborn as an assist to help them survive and prosper.

Flowers begin to bloom, all plant life begins to spring forth out of the dormant time of winter and the seemingly dead limbs and branches of the trees and shrubs.  The animals give birth to their newborn in this marvelous time of year.  New life abounds…stats over…begins anew.  That is all the way Almighty God designed things to happen.  Observe it, be blessed by it, and partake of it.  It has been given to you for your own pleasure and enjoyment by the One who created it all.

As every new life comes forth, particularly new human life, stop long enough to observe the wonderment of it all.  Give thanks to our Creator for renewing our existence on this earth and then ask three very important  questions to yourself and to all others within hearing distance…..

What does your future hold little newborn?

Where are you going in the living of your new life?

What is it that you will accomplish and contribute with the use of your life?

Aren’t you very glad and happy that you don’t know the exact answers to any of these questions at the beginning of this new life!

Without the answers to these questions right from the start of this new life, God has given us the freedom and joy to imagine the most wonderful life, the most exciting potential accomplishments, and the most blessed benefits to mankind that this new babe may indeed one day in the unknown future provide to all of the world and all of the humans who occupy it.

You see blessed friends, the greatest gift given to you by your Creator God is the gift of Life.  But right alongside of it marching in lock-step with your life is His equally valuable gift of Faith.  Faith gives to all of us the ability and freedom to imagine the most wonderful life possible for us to live and enjoy!

The unknown future is to be our great cause for celebration, because it is the best place to look for and witness the presence of God Almighty.

Faith truly is celebrating the unknown!

All Things Are Possible To Him Who Believes…………

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