Upcoming Four Part Leadership Series

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I have been reading, learning, counseling, and actively growing myself on a daily basis in the primary areas of discussion of this website for now over six years of actual production. Prior to the recent past I was gaining my knowledge and understanding of human behavior and performance for over forty years in and through operating my own international business. Increased personal capacity is the forerunner to all good and lasting personal productivity.

Your present personal abilities are all learned from the behavior and interpersonal actions and relationships learned and developed by those other successful people who have gone before you. In order to succeed to great heights of personal accomplishment, one needs to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have built their personal success before you. You first must learn and come to know what those giants did and how they did it.

I have created a four part series on leadership: what it takes to develop it and how one needs to use it in their own attempts to accomplish their desired dreams and goals. These four separate leadership articles will be released through the Premier Member Section of my website during the four weeks of October, 2017 (on October 2, 9, 16, and 23).

I fully believe that the information contained within these four articles will equip you, the user, with knowledge you have previously not had and thereby enable you to move further on and upward in your quest to accomplish that which you are attempting to achieve.

I urge you to become a Premier Member to www.davesevern.com today, and get this knowledge and wisdom for your own personal understanding, use, and benefit. Enjoy and grow from the content of this most important Leadership Series.

Love You All,…………..Dave Severn

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