Three Things That Never Change

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All things in life and on this earth are always changing, moving, growing, and just being different as each and every new day comes and goes. The one thing that never changes and that we can predict with total accuracy is…that things will always be changing with each new day!

The cells of your own body are being regenerated, replaced, and repaired daily. The complete systems of cells that comprise your own body are all replaced annually. Change…change…change keeps happening everyday of our lives.

However, there are three “absolutes” that are as they have always been since God brought them forth and into the world He created. There are three “things” that exist in our lives that never change, no matter what happens around the world in which we live. These three things are the very basis of all of the people’s lives and their activities each day that they live and work. These three things have been around since the beginning of days and recorded time on this earth, and they remain the same today as they were in the Garden of Eden over 7500+ years ago.

What are these three absolutes you ask? Permit me to tell you. The three unchangeable things are:

1. God
2. Sin
3. Human Nature

God is the very same today as He was when He created the heavens and the earth. And He will continue to be exactly the same on into the future even unto the end of days. God is love. God is eternal. God is the provider and protector of his created mankind.

Sin is sin. Sin is the same today as it was in the past, and it will continue to be on into the future. Sin is as bad today as it was when Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, and disobeyed what God had told him not to do. Sin always keeps you separated from God.

Human Nature is the exact same right now today as it was when Father God created man within the confines of the Garden of Eden. Human nature, the manner and way that man and woman live and conduct themselves in all operations, is the very same today as it was at the instant of creation. Man is a sinner. He is rebellious. He doesn’t listen well or follow the instructions given to him by the Creator God. Man is basically lazy and for the most part does not like to work very hard. Man has great difficulty in staying focused on the assigned job at hand. Man has difficulty in being accountable and very often struggles with telling the actual truth. Man has always had the most difficult time getting along well with any of his fellow men. The world’s first murderer came out of the Garden of Eden!

So even though everything around us changes continually, the “Big Three” always remain unchanged and constant.

Now I will tell you something that you should never forget…When you learn these three truths of life and come to rely on them and trust them to always be constant, it will give you a great advantage….a step up on your competitors or fellow workers. Keeping the things that never change at the forefront of your own mind will give you an ability to accurately predict or determine what and how a person will react, perform, or handle any given situation, be it positive, negative, or neutral. While it is not like having a crystal ball, it is very similar in that you can predict man to react the same way he always has in the past…for generations upon generations. Mankind is totally predictable.

To be successful at the highest levels of life, you need to know what needs to be done and how it should be performed to insure getting the best results. A cursory search of the history of man and his reactions will quickly tell you what he normally does in any given situation. That type knowledge gives you a pretty good indicator of how he will continue to react even when new similar situations present themselves.

For every cause there is an effect. For every action there is an equal and offsetting reaction. Using these truths of life and the historic reactions of mankind to different stimuli, the thinking person can pretty much figure out how an individual is going to act or react to a given set of circumstances. Hence, people are totally predictable. The predictability of people is obviously to your own advantage and benefit. All of this discussion really means that whenever you are presented with a given situation or set of circumstances from which you must draw a conclusion or choose a course of action, you would be well advised to stop and think things through very carefully, draw up two or three possible planned acts or efforts to deal with the situation and then before acting,… ask yourself one simple but specific question,….Is this the wise thing for me to do? If the answer to such a question is “yes” then by all means take the chosen action. If the answer is “no” then do not take any action until you have thought back through the circumstances and gone through the exercises once again. It is always the wise person who thinks things through before acting that achieves the greatest amount of production and related success.

Human nature has everything to do with how a human being will act or conduct themselves in light of a given set of circumstances, challenges, or desired benefits. The rules and laws put into force and play by our government and our society are basically designed to achieve or accomplish a desired set of actions or activities on the part of the people having to live under the passed laws. History has shown and proven time after time that,…as relates to a given a certain set of circumstances, activities, or events,…men and women will almost always react in a certain repeatable manner and way every time the situation exists. Hence, if history shows that a person will respond in a certain way when a situation is presented to them, and that a vast majority of human beings react the same way each time the circumstances arise, then to get the desired human reaction, all that is required is to establish the known circumstances or situations.

Human beings are indeed creatures of habit. They always do the same thing time and time again, whenever they encounter a certain set of stimuli. So if any authoritative organization needs or wants a group of people to act a certain way, all that is required is that the stimuli causing the desired action to occur be released into society,…and sure enough the desired action will be taken by the targeted people.

One sin is as bad as another. Sin is what separates us from God. The more we commit a sin, the further away from God we grow. It is Satan’s hope that we all continue to sin and consequently grow so far away from any kind of personal relationship with God that we finally admit that there is just no way possible for us to reconcile our way back to God and ask Him to forgive us of our sins. Whenever that happens in the life of a believer, Satan has won big time. God is always constant. He is love. He is eternal. He loves all of His creation. And God promises all believers that once they have invited Him to come into their life and be their personal Lord, Master, and Savior, then He will NEVER leave them or forsake them. God will always be for us, and love and care for us…no matter what we have done or what we have said, or what we have thought.

There is always great comfort in knowing what the Promises of God are and how they apply to our very lives. When you finally know who you really are, and what you are really involved in and where you are really going in the use of your life, then great joy and productivity will begin occurring in your life, and your related growth and happiness will come flooding into your life just as promised by your heavenly Father.

Learn and know the Truths of Life. Live in accordance with the existence of those Truths. Stay in total submission to God and His Laws and His beautiful blessings and rewards will surround and abound in you for all of the days of your life!


Peace and Love to All of You…………………Poppa Bear

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