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Success will happen in anyone’s life whenever two separate things occur simultaneously….whenever OPPORTUNITY and PREPAREDNESS meet……It is a major focal point of your life.

The sad facts are that all too often the great opportunity presents itself into the life of a desirous person….but goes on unaccepted and unused all because the individual to whom the opportunity was presented was simply unwilling or unprepared to grasp it.

It should be noted by all those who desire to become successful, that the fact is…..Success Does Not Attack.

Success Is Not An Accident….Success Is A Planned Event.

Before I go any further into this discussion I must stop and ask you, the reader, three vital questions:

1.  Do you really truly want to become successful ?

2.  Are you totally prepared for success to occur in your life ?

3.  Are you in the right position to allow an opportunity to come into your life that will enable you to succeed ?

Once you have answered these questions honestly and openly you will have some idea or indication as to whether or not you are a candidate for success.

Here is a little progression of events that I have observed over the past 36 + years that make or break an individual in their move from wanting to be successful to actually becoming successful.  It goes like this:

I wish

I want


Wishing gets you started…Wanting keeps you going….But only NEEDING gets the job done.  

Until you truly Need to have something accomplished in your life……you will most likely never totally commit to pay the full price to succeed and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to actually become successful as you fulfill your needs.

Let’s examine each of these above three questions.

1.  Do you really truly want to become successful?

Unless and until you know who you really are and what you are really involved in that will allow you the opportunity to succeed, you most probably won’t be ready to pay full price to accomplish your desire.  (I wish…I want…I NEED…I got).
Do you want to become successful…or…better yet… Do you Need to become successful?

Before you can completely answer this question you must have a Dream. A Dream that is so big, and so clear that it arrests your mental attention.  It has to be something tangible or intangible that you cannot achieve in your present capacity…and… it has to be something so big in scope that you cannot achieve it just using your own personal talents and 

Do you have a dream that qualifies to allow you to become successful?

No one can dream for you…It has to be YOUR DREAM.

2.  Are you totally prepared for success to occur in your life?

Success is not going to happen for you if you are “ sort-of ” committed to its accomplishment.  Do you have your priorities right ?  Can you eliminate the significant distractions in your schedule that will give you enough extra free time to accomplish your goals that are going to carry you on to success ?  Finally are you willing to give up (sacrifice) some frivolous things or events that will hinder you from a consistent work effort that will be required to allow you to achieve your own desires?

3.  Are you in the right position to allow an opportunity in your life that will enable you to succeed?  You cannot just hop up onto a log and roll off the other side and easily slip into a successful life.  Full price must be paid on your part.  All the dues must be paid by you.  No one can pay them for you.

The required parameters to permit you to achieve your desired level of success must be put into place before you will ever receive the stated benefits.  Don’t try to take short cuts or get to where you want to go on less than what you are told are the prerequisites for the level of success you say you want to accomplish. 

To be successful you need to do the following four things totally and completely.  You Must:

1.  Know WHAT it is that you really want….and WHEN  you really want to accomplish it,

2.  Know WHAT you are willing to GIVE UP in order to get what it is that you really want.

3.  ASSOCIATE with other successful people who can help you get what it is that you really want.

…………………..and finally……………………….


To allow your success to happen, you need to listen with an open mind and an open heart to the instructions from those people who are willing to teach you, and then be prepared to act on the instruction they have given you.

All the noble thoughts, magnificent plans, and “secrets” of achievement in the world are of little value unless and until they are put into action.

Your worth is always determined by your deeds, not by your good intentions, however noble they may be.

You do all of these things and follow the advice and counsel of your mentor.  Stay steady with your work ethic.  Keep a positive mental attitude.  Don’t let anybody steal your dream…..AND………


A closing thought.  Martin Luther King, Jr. once correctly said:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just to take the first step.”


When you get to the top of the mountain the view is the same for all.

Leaders Gotta Lead……..


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