The Power To Overcome Is Already Inside of You *

Words in the English language mean very specific things and convey their meanings in a most direct and forceful manner.  Two of the shortest but most powerful words in our language are Can’t and Won’t.   All leaders and particularly Christian leaders need to be very careful which one of these two words they choose … Continue reading

The U.S. Annexes Texas 1845

“Said State to be Formed” Fifteen years after Mexico had gained independence from Spain (Texas Mexican Territory) and  two months after Texans under Sam Houston’s  (1793—1863) had revenged Mexican General Santa Anna’s massacre at the San Antonio  mission (“Remember the Alamo”), Texas gained its independence from Mexico and was recognized as a republic by the … Continue reading

Commitment *

COMMITMENT,n. 1. The act of committing, or putting in charge, keeping, or trust; particularly the act of committing to prison.They were glad to compound for his bare commitment to the Tower,whence he was within few days enlarged. Clarendon. 2. A warrant or order for the imprisonment of a person, more frequently termed a “mittimus.”… To … Continue reading

Focus Focus Focus *

Doctor Albert Einstein had it right when he stated that: “in all leadership scenarios,…it is the paramount requirement of the leader,…to always make certain that he keeps the most important things within the organization…at all times…the most important things to be accomplished.”  The leader is the one who must set the right priorities to enable … Continue reading