Saul – The Persecutor of Christians

Saul’s most notable personal quality was his zeal.  His most notable personal accomplishment was that he was a church planter and writer of 13 books of the New Testament. This great man of God lived on earth from A.D. 1 to A.D. 67. His name, Saul, means “asked,” and his life is thoroughly discussed in … Continue reading

The Best Leaders Manage Their Emotions

There are always good and bad leaders in any organization.  However there is from time to time a few great leaders that emerge to effectively and efficiently become great men and women—really great leaders—One must always remember that great leaders are born (rarely) and made (most often).  The source of their establishment is not what … Continue reading

Defusing The Fear of Failure

As you personally walk your own walk of faith, in some places and at certain times and circumstances, you will take great big, huge steps, leaps, and bounds.  At other times you will take some smaller ones.  Each person’s experiences are different from all others making the same journey. Everyone comes into their own private … Continue reading