The Sword of The King of Babylon is Against You

Would God Be Fair? As part of God’s judgment on his people, King Nebuchadnezzar brought Jewish exiles to Babylon in two separate deportations in 605 and 597 B.C.  In August 586 B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem.  The exiles learned of this in January 585 B.C. Realizing that God really did exist and that Jerusalem had … Continue reading

The New Man *

Have you ever really stopped long enough to think,…meditate,…ponder on the actual difference between what is meant by the words…committed,…and totally committed? Is it possible to be 99% loyal or faithful…or is 99% loyalty or faithfulness in reality100% disloyalty or unfaithfulness? Can a woman ever be partially pregnant? Did any WWII kamikaze pilot ever take … Continue reading

Growing With Tomorrow’s Possibilities

You can and will grow and discover new insights into yourself and into your own abilities, if you will but welcome every problem you encounter as a possibility, every obstacle as an opportunity, and every age as a new laboratory experience in our further understanding the real path of human existence. To Read Full Article, … Continue reading