Adams-Onis Treaty: U.S. Title To The Floridas

1819 “Free exercise of their religion” Spanish explorers, thirsting for the legendary fountain of youth, scouted the Florida Peninsula as early as 1513 A.D.  Legal ownership of the region passed from Spain to Great Britain in 1763 A.D.  Twenty years later, Florida passed back to Spain under the Treaty of Paris.  By the 1810s, Spain … Continue reading

The Still Small Voice

Within every Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ lives the third person of the Triune Godhead,…the Holy Spirit of God.   The Spirit’s assigned duties and responsibilities is to be the individual’s conscience—so properly equipped as to always know the difference between good and evil, right or wrong, and God or Satan.  This Spirit’s additional … Continue reading


Noah Webster’s Original Definition, 1828 Dictionary: Invective, n. [Fr. Invective; Sp. invectiva, It. Invecttiva; from L. inveho. See Inveigh.] A railing speech or expression; something uttered or written intended to cast opprobrium, censure, or reproach on another; a harsh or reproachful accusation. It differs from reproof, as the latter may come from a friend and … Continue reading

The Day Philip Joined The Group

My favorite radio announcer, broadcaster was a loving, precious, and godly Christian man, the late Paul Harvey.  His mellow and comforting powerful voice could settle the storms, sooth the wounds, and cheer the heart of what ever events, conflicts, or people with whom he was dealing.  He just had that flowing firm and gentle soft … Continue reading