Disastrous Marriages

What Would Become of the Next Generation? In 458 B.C. Ezra arrived in Jerusalem from Persia with a large group of exiles, joining those who had returned earlier from the Babylonian captivity.   Ezra, a Jewish Priest, likely held an office in the Persian government equivalent to the commissioner for Jewish Affairs.  He was responsible … Continue reading

The Origins of Native Americans

Americans of European descent generally think of Native Americans as the “original” inhabitants of the Americas, but, of course, they are also immigrants, albeit of much greater antiquity. Where they migrated from, and when, has been a topic of vigorous debate among anthropologists, geneticists, and linguists.  More agree that the majority of Native American populations—here when … Continue reading

Laughing Up a Storm

Humor, as we know it, is part of the healing process.  It is now well accepted that humor releases what are known as “endorphines ” which are chemicals within the human brain that are stimulated by positive emotions. We have always known that thoughts stimulate the body glands to produce  secretions.  Researchers at UCLA Medical … Continue reading