Problems Problems Problems *

Significant achievement is connected with action.  The most successful men and women get moving in the direction of their dreams and goals and they keep moving towards them.  They make mistakes…everyone does…but just because they make a mistake, it doesn’t stop them,…they know to keep on working, and keep on achieving….They Don’t Quit!…They  Don’t give … Continue reading

The Secret Of The Gifts

As originally told by Paul Flucke. The story has been told for centuries now—how Gaspar, Melchoir, and Balthasar brought gifts to the newborn king.  Ah,…you say, everyone knows.  They brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  So it has been told. But the story is incomplete.  Listen to the rest.  You shall learn the secret of the … Continue reading

The Great Persecution

It Was The Worst Persecution To Date When Diocletian became emperor of the Roman Empire in 284 A.D. Christians were encouraged because of rumors that his wife, Prisca, and daughter Valeria were believers.  And, in fact, during the first nineteen years of his reign Christians lived in relative peace and prosperity, some even holding high … Continue reading