There Is Always Positive In The Negative

When God created the world and everything on and in it, all of His Creation was in perfect and complete balance.  Everything had its place and fit perfectly into it.  Nothing was out of balance.  The World was indeed a perfect and properly functioning Creation.  However, God’s finest and last thing that He created was … Continue reading

Each Colony May Retain Its Constitution

Benjamin Franklin’s Plan of Union 1754  During the first year of the French and Indian War (1754-1763), delegates from seven of England’s thirteen North American colonies met in Albany, New York.  Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), of Pennsylvania, proposed a common-cause scheme for uniting the colonies against the Indians and for providing mutual defense.  Appealing to what … Continue reading

From Curse To Blessing

They all wondered why it did not rain.  The very first group of Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity in about  537 B.C., when Cyrus, the King of Persia, issued a decree authorizing them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple the Babylonians had destroyed.  After the construction began, the Samaritans and other neighboring … Continue reading