The Treaty of Guadalupe

 “The U. S. Engages to Pay….the Sum of $15 Million” Ulysses S. Grant (1822—1885), the 18th President, who was a second lieutenant in the Mexican War (1846—1848), described the war as “the most unjust” in American history.  Annexation of Texas by the United States in 1845 had inflamed relations with Mexico, which refused to negotiate … Continue reading

Effective Leaders Grow With The Flow *

One of the distinguishing characteristics of many leaders or developing leaders-to-be who are unhappy and disgruntled is because the ministry, business, or organization in which they are involved has significantly grown and they have not.  Consequently these leaders who are not growing have become negative in and with their words and feelings.  To Read Full … Continue reading

Perseverance, The Stick Power of Life *

Perseverance is a personal attribute of your own character.  It provides the internal drive, the additional measure, that extra punch…necessary to keep us on task,…at-the-wheel,…on course,…until we finally get what it is that we are truly after in our quest for victory….in our quest for our desired reward,…in our quest for the grand prize. To … Continue reading