Evaluated Experience Is Needed To Succeed

A serious person who truly desires to achieve personal success and financial freedom should never worry about things as they overtly exist at any given time…things that he or she can physically see.  Because everything in God’s creation always changes—except God, Sin, and Human Nature.  Those “three” never change,….the rest, everything else, always changes. This … Continue reading

The Black Death

Over a period of five years, from 1347 A.D to 1352 A.D., a horrific epidemic ravaged Europe, killing millions, devastating cities, causing wide-spread panic, and shaking social institutions to their foundations.  This natural holocaust—today recognized as the Bubonic Plague—was fearfully referred to as “the Black Death.” To Read the Full Article, Download File: The Black … Continue reading

Personal Responsibility Is The Very Thing That People Dread Most Of All

Some people have theorized that it is a fear of taking personal responsibility that led to the development of “errorless” machines—ones that allow for work to be done in a repetitive way so that it is “perfect” every time. Columbia University psychologist, Herbert Terrace, argues this approach.  He contends that errorless machines fail to help … Continue reading

Know Precisely Where You Are Before Starting Your Marital Journey

Your first step in building a great and prosperous marriage and life is to find out exactly where you are at this stage of your personal courtship with your mate.  To help you discover this revelation information a “courtship quiz” has been published by Mr. Don Hawkins and Associates.  I suggest you take this quiz … Continue reading