A True Spiritual Hero

Dr. James Dobson once shared a true story concerning how a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ conducted himself after receiving some not-so-good news.  We all know people who suffer everyday from what might be termed “bad luck.”  One must always remember that God Almighty does not always allow bad things to happen to … Continue reading

You Will Always Live To The Level of Your Faith *

I would really like to have you give this following question some deep and serious thought as you self evaluate.  What if you woke up this morning with ONLY the things that you specifically and openly thanked God for….yesterday? Would that situation change the way and content of how you honored, praised and thanked God … Continue reading

Persecution *

Have you ever heard the old warning statement: “Fore-Warned is Fore-Armed”?  All too often, throughout mankind’s history, separate individuals, groups, organizations, nations, and even entire civilizations have been totally wiped out, destroyed, and eliminated by opposing forces.  These forces have been both physical and spiritual in nature.  The demise of the people or organizations most … Continue reading

The Habit of Going The Extra Mile *

THAT SECTION OF ROAD VERY SELDOM TRAVELLED Nature, you see, goes the extra mile by producing enough of everything for its needs, together with a surplus for emergencies and waste. Nature goes the extra mile by producing enough of every living thing to insure the perpetuation of the species, allowing for emergencies of every kind. … Continue reading