Optimistically Sorting The Things And Events That Are Happening To You

I personally have had to ride over some very rough roads throughout all of my life.  It has just been the path that I have followed.  Maybe it was because I was hard-headed or simply less than intelligent that I continued to travel the bumpy roads, but nonetheless I just seemed to take longer than … Continue reading

Making Melody *

Have you ever been asked to participate in a sing along gathering, or a small group, or a hastily put together Christmas caroling choir?  If so what was your response?  Did you accept the invitation and sing,…. or did you, like the vast majority,…make some poor limp-legged excuse…like “I can’t really sing”…and turn down the … Continue reading

Your Mental Attitude Determines It All *

The most important of all the equal and off-setting “things” is positive and negative.  In order to succeed you must learn to keep first things first.  This simple understanding of the importance of always being positive is definitely the first thing as concerns working with other people and achieving total success in your life and … Continue reading

Lewis And Clark 1806

“An Ample Journal….Must Avoid Much Intelligence.” Until astronauts first walked on the Moon, in 1969, Americas most spectacular odyssey was the two-year Lewis and Clark expedition into the unexplored American northwest. With a secret Congressional grant of $2,500, the soldier, Meriwether Lewis (1774—1809), who had been President Thomas Jefferson’s private secretary for two years (he … Continue reading


Noah Webster’s  Original Definition, 1828 Dictionary: Despotism,  n.   [Sp. despotismo; Fr. despotisme.] Absolute power; authority unlimited and uncontrolled by men,   constitution, or laws and depending alone on the will of the prince; as the despotism of a Turkish sultan. 2.  An arbitrary government, as that of Turkey and Persia. To Read Full Article, … Continue reading