Noah Webster’s definition, 1828 Dictionary: Coach  (20), n. [Fr., Sp., Pg. coche, It. cocchio, from Lat. conchula muscle- shell, vessel, Gr. muscle, cockle, Skr. cankha; Ger. kutsche, coach koets, coach, bed.  Cf Hung. kocsi,; Fr. koche, f.,O. Fr. coque, Sp. coca, It. coca, vessel, boat.] 1.  A large, close, four-wheeled carriage, having at least two … Continue reading

The Harvard Classics

THE FIVE-FOOT SHELF Times change, places change, people change,…only Human Nature, God, and Sin have remained unchanged over the centuries of time that man has inhabited this earth. Great and not-so-great men and women have lived and contributed much to the development and furtherance of humankind. History of these very same people, particularly for the … Continue reading