Vermont Adopts The U.S. Constitution 1791

“A New And Entire Member of The United States of America.” Article IV of the U.S. Constitution establishes exact procedures , but no hard and fast requirements, for creating new states as equal parts the Union with the original thirteen states—equal in power, dignity, and authority.  Admission to the Union is on a state-by-state basis: … Continue reading

Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm

The Greatest of All Accomplishments Started Small And Humble. Through Knowledge, Wisdom, Guidance, and Persistence (All Wrapped in a Blanket of Enthusiasm), Grew to Become Great and Admirable Recognized Achievements. World history proves the truth and accurate validity that is stated in the above two sentences. To Read the Full Article, Download File: Nothing Great … Continue reading

The Rewards And Blessings of Personal Discipline

The Thessalonian church had three characteristics that should describe all Christians:   1.  A work of faith   2.  A labor of love   3.  A Patience of hope A work of faith is discussed in 1 Thess 1 : 11 which produced their conversion to begin with, provided their motivation to persevere in the faith, and … Continue reading


Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, but he did not start out that way.  In fact, his usual wisdom was a gift from God in response to an unusual offer.  In this dream in which God tested the 20-year-old king’s priorities, God said, “Ask! What shall I give you?”  Solomon, understandably nervous at … Continue reading