3 Year Anniversary Update

Hello Special Friends: This May 1, 2016 marks the third anniversary of www.davesevern.com! Thank you all for your support, comments, and encouragement for the content of this website and the themes of the articles of discussion. I read each and every one of your submitted comments. Although I don’t personally respond to each submitted comment, … Continue reading

Religion In America

While Europeans were introducing most of the New World’s religious sects, they were settling religious scores in the Old World. In the 1640s, as newly arrived Puritans built up New England, back in England the Puritans, Protestant Anglicans, and Catholic Cavaliers fought a bloody civil war. At the same time, Protestants and Catholics in German-speaking … Continue reading

To Accomplish Real Success, Always Be Willing To Pay Full Price

When it comes to really and truly achieving the high levels of lasting success, there will always be a full price that must be paid by those striving to accomplish those high levels of achievement. Success always comes at a price. To Read the Full Article, Download File: To Accomplish Real Success, Always Be Willing … Continue reading