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Since January 2013 when davesevern.com launched, over 1000 articles have been posted to this website.  Previous articles from 2013-2017 are now available for non-registered members to purchase.  Each previous year is available individually bundled in 1 zip file for easy download.  I would encourage you to at least become a free member and visit davesevern.com and check out the posting history to see all the articles (which are also sorted by subject classification) that have been previously posted.  Below is also a pdf of the titles for each year.  2014 has the most postings as I was posting 6 days a week.  Since 2015, I have been posting 4 days a week.  Please click on the PayPal button to purchase that particular year.  Prices are listed below.  These annual options are only for the articles in PDF format.  No MP3 audio files are attached.  If you would like the full features with MP3 audio of most messages (~ half of my Friday messages do not have MP3 audio), then you will need to become a current premier member and purchase previous months/years through the members site for a discounted rate.  Once you complete the purchase, wait and you will be taken to a page where you can download your zip file.  Do not close your page until after you have downloaded your file. It is my desire that you take this information and create your own personal library and use this information as you live out your life.

Always remember: Pain shared is halved, Joy shared is doubled.




2018 monthly membership and any missing months for 2018                                $9.99 a month (~$120 a year)

2013-2017 for current members 25% discount - Full PDF/MP3                               $90 per year 

2017 (Most Recent Year) for non-members ~33% discount - PDF's Only No MP3      $80 per year

2013-2016 for non-members ~40% discount - PDF's Only No MP3                          $75 per year (except 2014)

2014 for non-members - Has 100 more articles - PDF's Only No MP3                       $85 for 2014 Only

2013 - 182 Articles $75

2013 Titles

2014 - 283 Articles $85

2014 Titles

2015 - 196 Articles $75

2015 Titles

2016 - 198 Articles $75

2016 Titles

2017 - 197 Articles $80

2017 Titles