Author and family counselor, Gary Smalley, shares a really great, true story about a most important aspect of having and nurturing a lasting personal marriage relationship that most husbands never understand or devote sufficient time and effort developing.  Happiness in a marriage relationship is not ordered, demanded, or purchased at the grocery store…it is developed … Continue reading

A Son of Such Tears

Ruth Bell Graham, deceased, wife of deceased Evangelist Billy Graham, shared a story of life that will indeed bless your heart.  Permit me to re-share her story with you…One of the single most painful experiences any parent can suffer is the loss of a child’s personal relationship through  runaway prodigal behavior.  There is always hope for … Continue reading

The Secret Of The Gifts

As originally told by Paul Flucke. The story has been told for centuries now—how Gaspar, Melchoir, and Balthasar brought gifts to the newborn king.  Ah,…you say, everyone knows.  They brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  So it has been told. But the story is incomplete.  Listen to the rest.  You shall learn the secret of the … Continue reading

A True Spiritual Hero

Dr. James Dobson once shared a true story concerning how a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ conducted himself after receiving some not-so-good news.  We all know people who suffer everyday from what might be termed “bad luck.”  One must always remember that God Almighty does not always allow bad things to happen to … Continue reading

Lessons From Redwood Canyon

I love the out doors, the wide open spaces, the mountains, and the beauty of nature and all that God made it for—the grandeur and peacefulness.  His incredible creative genius is always on open display without restriction whenever a person steps away from civilization and out into the remote wilderness of God’s Country.  Open your … Continue reading

The Day Philip Joined The Group

My favorite radio announcer, broadcaster was a loving, precious, and godly Christian man, the late Paul Harvey.  His mellow and comforting powerful voice could settle the storms, sooth the wounds, and cheer the heart of what ever events, conflicts, or people with whom he was dealing.  He just had that flowing firm and gentle soft … Continue reading