Self Esteem – The Internal Force That Drives You Forward

There is not a recorded case in all of the world of medicine where a baby was born with low self esteem.  Such a challenge or predicament simply does not exist.  The reason is obvious.  Self esteem is a developed character trait.  It is developed after a person is born–while they are growing up.  There … Continue reading

Imagination-Your Greatest Gift From God

Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and everything on and in it, created man higher, better, and more capable than all the other created things.  Man was His finest of all creations.  Even though all men and women are human beings of the same species, they are all unique and different.  Individual spiritual gifts were … Continue reading

The Best Way To Start Your Day

One of the greatest gifts that God has given to man is the gift of measurable time.  Everything in all of God’s Creation is initiated, developed, and terminated in direct relation to created and measured time.  The foundational element of all time is the “second.”  The “second” is what God uses to measure time and … Continue reading

A Loser Who Became A Winner

The truly great leaders of history were all avid readers.  From the pages of books come great knowledge, understanding, learning, and examples of other people as to how they accomplished what they did.  By mining the stories about how other people achieved greatness, one can learn how to make appropriate changes in their own lives … Continue reading

The Real Value of Taking A Break

Living and creating a successful life of abundance and prosperity is not a “sprint” type race or a “dash.”  But rather it is a “marathon.”  In order to win the race,…complete your mission,…or come out in first place in your own endeavor,…you are going to have to prepare yourself to set and sustain a steady, … Continue reading

What You Think About The Most Is What You Will Do

Thoughts that dominate our individual thinking will germinate and grow into overt physical acts which will be the same physically as we think about the most mentally.  The great philosopher, naturalist, activist, and author, Henry David Thoreau asserted, “As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will … Continue reading