Know Precisely Where You Are Before Starting Your Marital Journey

Your first step in building a great and prosperous marriage and life is to find out exactly where you are at this stage of your personal courtship with your mate.  To help you discover this revelation information a “courtship quiz” has been published by Mr. Don Hawkins and Associates.  I suggest you take this quiz … Continue reading

Is Divorce Really That Much of a Problem?

The Short Answer: Yes If you are married today, the eventual termination of your marriage through divorce is a strong probability more than it is a good possibility.   Divorce rates have risen more than 700 percent over the last fifty years.  And the number of single parent families has mushroomed.  These alarming statistics don’t … Continue reading

Change-You Start By Changing Yourself

Become a “Good Finder” Look for the gold—look for the good in your mate. Andrew Carnegie once said, “No man can become rich without himself enriching others.”  Mr. Carnegie went on to live out this philosophy, as evidenced by the forty-three millionaires he had working for him.  A reporter who was interviewing him asked how … Continue reading