The Type of Men That God Uses

Great talent and ability are not prerequisites to being used by God.  Accomplishments, awards, and great recognition will not insure kingdom usefulness.  Rather a “broken and contrite Spiritual Heart”—one that is open to hear and receive the guidance and direction of God Almighty is what does qualify the desirous and willing person to be used … Continue reading

What It Means To Be A Real Man

Most males who live in our world today do lots of masculine things and activities.  They are outdoorsmen, sportsmen, campers, hikers, and everything male that is in between.  They think they are men and they like to do macho activities like run chain saws, smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic beverages, grow facial hair, and get tattoos … Continue reading

Real Winners, Real Men, Are Always A Blessing

The vast majority of real men,…real champions,…real achievers, and success oriented men, in general, are usually difficult to live and/or work with or for.  They are almost always focused on achieving what it is that they have personally chosen to accomplish.  They are extremely well disciplined people. To Read the Full Article, Download File: Real … Continue reading


The one thing that all of the “great successes” (that have ever been accomplished by people throughout the history of mankind) have in common as a universal and unanimous central point of understanding,…is the simple truth that the foundation on which all success is built…is failure! To Read the Full Article, Download File: Failure … Continue reading