Archives section updated with new options/discounts

Happy New Year! The Purchase Archives section (click on menu bar above) has been updated.  Any member that would like articles from before their registration date can now purchase previous years and receive all the PDF’s & MP3’s in a single file for easy download.  Prior years content has been discounted too.   Dave   … Continue reading

3 Year Anniversary Update

Hello Special Friends: This May 1, 2016 marks the third anniversary of! Thank you all for your support, comments, and encouragement for the content of this website and the themes of the articles of discussion. I read each and every one of your submitted comments. Although I don’t personally respond to each submitted comment, … Continue reading

Exciting New Improvements & Additions Coming in September

Beginning September 1st, I will be adding 3 additional messages to my monthly membership package at no additional cost.  In addition to the 4 Leadership messages, there will be a separate section for 1) my Marriage series and 2) a new Journey to Manhood series.  The third will be in a new section on Special … Continue reading

Welcome New Members

Welcome new members! I'm excited that you have made the commitment to change your life and will be joining me here everyday to learn, grow, and develop yourself. Every week you can expect educational messages in Leadership, Spiritual Growth, History and the English Language. Look for my monthly, "Did You Know?" special feature as well as continuing additions to my galleries, the Monday postings on my blog, and other personal insights from me. The website will be ever changing, adding enriching content to your life and allowing you to pursue your goals with passion.

Join me. Stay an active member. Get involved.

I look forward to the ride!