Removing “Growth-Restricting” Obstacles From Your Life

Allow me to quickly remind you folks that God will always reward an increase in the personal level of your faith.  Conversely, He will never reward a “No-Growth” or “Declining” level of your faith.  An easy test of yourself and your level of faith and its direction of movement (i.e. up or down or flat … Continue reading

Growing With Tomorrow’s Possibilities

You can and will grow and discover new insights into yourself and into your own abilities, if you will but welcome every problem you encounter as a possibility, every obstacle as an opportunity, and every age as a new laboratory experience in our further understanding the real path of human existence. To Read Full Article, … Continue reading

Viewing Success Positively

I am constantly surprised to discover Christians who are truly afraid of becoming really successful.  Many of them suffer from the hang-up that success seemingly contradicts the Christian virtue of real humility.  They somehow associate success with pride; therefore they refuse to consider it.   Faith views success positively.  Don’t ever be afraid of achieving … Continue reading

Optimistically Sorting The Things And Events That Are Happening To You

I personally have had to ride over some very rough roads throughout all of my life.  It has just been the path that I have followed.  Maybe it was because I was hard-headed or simply less than intelligent that I continued to travel the bumpy roads, but nonetheless I just seemed to take longer than … Continue reading

Stretching Your Imagination

Strength comes with use.  Experience is gained through application. The word imagination comes from the root word meaning “to image.” Nearly every person on earth has the ability to imagine.  Such ability is the mark of the image of our own Creator God within each of us.  The “trick” (secret) is for the individual to … Continue reading

Laughing Up a Storm

Humor, as we know it, is part of the healing process.  It is now well accepted that humor releases what are known as “endorphines ” which are chemicals within the human brain that are stimulated by positive emotions. We have always known that thoughts stimulate the body glands to produce  secretions.  Researchers at UCLA Medical … Continue reading

Defusing The Fear of Failure

As you personally walk your own walk of faith, in some places and at certain times and circumstances, you will take great big, huge steps, leaps, and bounds.  At other times you will take some smaller ones.  Each person’s experiences are different from all others making the same journey. Everyone comes into their own private … Continue reading