Give And It Shall Be Given Unto You

Ah….. the orchestra conductor!  Don’t they just seem to be the most authoritative of all organizational leaders?    Standing up tall and well groomed on a podium, brandishing a spear tipped, ivory baton……Now that I would say is total command!……well maybe not for everyone…… The world-acclaimed orchestra conductor, Paavo Jarvi, has a very different…. and, … Continue reading


Noah Webster’s Original Definition, 1828 Dictionary:  Ambition  n.   [Lat. ambitio, a going around especially for candidates for office in Rome, to solicit votes; hence desire for office or honor, from ambire, to go around; Fr. ambition, Pr. ambitio.  See ambient.] 1.   The act of going about to solicit or obtain an office, or any … Continue reading