I Didn’t Do It…It Is Somebody Else’s Fault

When I initiated the operations of my own business, I became painfully aware at how little I knew or understood about the critically important subjects of A Positive Mental Attitude, The Principles of Success, and How to Positively Influence Other People.  Since I was starting a business in which I would be working mostly with … Continue reading

Gentlemen…Start Your Engines

Aren’t people the funniest things you have ever been around?  It seems they are always so emphatic in their statements and thoughts….but they continually contradict themselves with the words that flow out of their mouths.  There is tremendous power in the use of your own tongue.  Words and sentences mean serious things and we need … Continue reading

Are You Really Ready To Become A Successful Person?

Success has been defined by successful people as the event that will occur whenever opportunity and preparedness meet.  It has been termed a focal point of a person’s life.  Psychologists estimate that the average person will get two such chances to become truly successful during their lifetime. Now let’s really think this subject through before … Continue reading