Jesus Survival Weapon of Choice – Scripture

The Lord Jesus’ survival weapon of choice has always been and will continue to be the Holy Scripture as recorded within the Holy Bible.  You see, if the Bible was enough for his wilderness experiences, shouldn’t it be enough for ours?  Everything you and I need for desert survival is in the Holy Bible.  We … Continue reading

Feeding Ourselves

The author of Hebrews wants his readers to avoid spiritual dullness.  These passages urge their readers to be proactive in their spiritual lives, never resting on their laurels as they work towards the goal of spiritual maturity.  Leaders who take up this challenge in their spiritual lives make an easier transition to productivity in their … Continue reading

Opportunities And Why They Come Into Your Life

Whenever pain, suffering, unfairness, and its related misery strike you in the living out of your own life…..get excited.  Nothing in God’s Plan for your life (His will for your life) happens on or by accident.  Every thought, word, action, effort, or situation that presents itself to you and is allowed to come into your … Continue reading

The Hands of Jesus Christ

Reverend, Dr. Louis Evans, shares a most interesting and loving story about his once visiting a mission station in Korea.  Several years ago a medical missionary friend invited him to witness a major surgical operation that the missionary doctor would be performing in a remote rural area of the Asian nation.  The surgical ward was … Continue reading

Your Words Are Powerful And Permanent

Have you ever said something to another person that you wish you could have taken back? Have you ever heard that “still small voice” of your conscience from deep within your own mind that has advised you,…“Don’t say it!” or, “You are going to regret this…,” and still you have been unable hold your own … Continue reading