Salt And Light – The Nature of Believers

Salt has a number of characteristics that illustrate the Christian’s role in the world.  It hinders the spread of corruption; it creates thirst; and it enhances flavor.  Christians who live out the virtues described in the Beatitudes achieve all three of these purposes. Jesus’ is to be a “light to the nations.”  In these above … Continue reading

Bring Me All Your Feelings

There is a self-correcting, self-guiding, built-in “compass,” if you will, that is situated and implanted within every believer’s heart and mind to keep a person on the “straight and narrow pathway” to complete personal victory.  This guiding presence is the third person of the Triune Godhead, The Holy Spirit of God.  He is the guiding … Continue reading

Six Steps To Prayer

Effective prayer: prayer that achieves a defined purpose, prayer that yields good results,….demands and requires that the person giving rise to such requests and supplications goes through a special process.  This process is presented herewith so as to strengthen each person’s ability to effectively pray to their personal Lord, Master, and Savior and thereby begin … Continue reading