God Takes The Ordinary Things Of Life And Makes Them Extraordinary

The wise, the mighty, and the noble are in the minority (not many) of those whom God chooses to serve Him.  Certainly, God will surely use some influential figures for His service, but He very seldom does. God uses five different things to accomplish His work: 1. Foolish Things 2. Weak Things 3. Base Things … Continue reading

It Is The Job That Is Never Started That Takes The Longest Time To Finish

Laziness will always hold you back.  Being lazy and lackadaisical  will always keep you from achieving your dreams and goals. Being lazy is always easier than doing all the required work.   Being lazy seems to be the pick of choice for those who subscribe to doing things “half way” or “close enough.”  Work efforts … Continue reading

Treat Your Followers Like They Were Royalty

For the past 43 years I have owned and operated a large international marketing business all over the globe.  I work with people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and different personalities.  It has a been my personal observation that people, in general, usually rise to their leader’s expectations—if,…they like their leader. To Read the Full Article, … Continue reading

How You See And Think About Yourself Is What You Get

During the late 1960s and early 1970s when the use of computers first burst upon the public scene and their use in almost all applications started exploding upon the people and their operations and communications, it soon became very apparent to all thinking people that practically all of life was going to change, and change … Continue reading