You Can Do Anything

Even the people who have a long record of not succeeding at given tasks, opportunities, or assignments, can be turned into tremendously strong and valuable achievers if only they will discard their personal self images as being “failures” or “ne’er-do-wells, and then become God-trusting individuals whose attainment of desired goals is just a matter of … Continue reading

Be Prepared For Unexpected Opportunities

Success in any endeavor occurs whenever opportunity and preparedness meet. This is a great focal point in everyone’s life. Every human being will surely experience a great opportunity to come their way during the course of their 7+ decades long lifetime. Sadly when it (Opportunity) does present itself, most people are totally unprepared to receive … Continue reading

Everything Comes To Him Who Hustles While He Waits

As has been said many times before,…Success does not attack and it surely is not an accident that it is achieved by those diligent souls who continually persevere and stay in the creative phase of growing, working, and performing the required work ethics needed to eventually enable a dedicated individual to accomplish his own targeted … Continue reading