Mary – Mother of Jesus

The teenager, Mary, was indeed a most most important and valuable character on the world stage as relates to bringing forth the Son of God through the virgin birth of Jesus. While Mary’s most notable personal quality was humility, her most notable accomplishment was being the Mother of Jesus. To Read the Full Article, Download … Continue reading

How The Roman Catholic And Eastern Orthodox Churches Developed

In the early days of the Roman Empire, Rome was the imperial capital. The church in that City was the largest and wealthiest in the entire empire. By the middle of the third century its membership approached thirty thousand human souls. This church body had no rival in all of western civilization. To Read the … Continue reading

A Divine String of Events

God Used a Roman Emperor to Change the Life of an Egyptian Jew It all began on January 25, 42 A.D., when Claudius became the fourth Roman emperor the day after the assassination of his nephew, Emperor Gauis, better known by his nickname, Caligula. Claudius’s accession to the throne was rather unconventional. To Read the … Continue reading