Standing Firm

Society Dictated That She Obey Her Father, But She Would Not. At the beginning of the third century, Vibia Perpetua, a twenty-two year old mother of an infant son, was the daughter of a noble family in Carthage (on the northern coast of present-day Tunisia).  Perpetua, her brother, and her personal slave, Felicitas, were Christians, … Continue reading


The First Medical Missionary Colossians  4 : 14  NKJV: (14) “Luke the beloved physician and Demas greet you.” Teamwork was a hallmark of the Apostle Paul’s ministry.  Prominent members of his ministry included Silas, Barnabas, Luke, and Timothy, but he mentored and served with many others—including Epaphras.   When a physician sets aside his practice … Continue reading

Mary – Mother of Jesus

The teenager, Mary, was indeed a most most important and valuable character on the world stage as relates to bringing forth the Son of God through the virgin birth of Jesus. While Mary’s most notable personal quality was humility, her most notable accomplishment was being the Mother of Jesus. To Read the Full Article, Download … Continue reading