You Will Only Go In The Direction of Your Thoughts

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At the instant of your own conception, God gave you a brain and the ability to use it. He created this brain of yours to be what doctors call a “self- servo” mechanism. That is a big scientific word for anything that you personally possess that will provide or will assist you in accomplishing the tasks you need to perform in order to help you achieve the purposes you are attempting to accomplish. Self-Servo means anything that serves yourself.

The human brain is the Command and Control Center (CCC) for every individual person. It is the central switchboard, so to speak, that permits two-way communication by and between a person and God Almighty, his or her own Creator. This is precisely why God is greater than man,…not the other way around. The great fact of life is that God created man and that the Creator is always greater than that which gets created.

God has made it perfectly clear that He truly desires man to be healthy, wealthy, wise, and prosperous. God desires man to be personally successful while he lives here on the earth.

Now another truth of life is that a human being is a product of his thoughts. This is so because every thing you wind up doing in your life is the direct result of a personal thought that preceded your own activity. Man will only do that which he first and most often thinks about.

I would strongly encourage you to start paying very close attention to the specific thoughts that you are allowing to take up space in your mind. I would strongly suggest that you (if you have the courage to do so) ask yourself two direct personal questions,…and completely answer each of them. (1) Are your personal thoughts leading you to places and/or spaces that you truly want to be going? and (2) Are your personal thoughts encouraging you to be unhappy, self-defeating, angry, frustrated, or ungodly?

May I say to you that if you are having any of these wrong or negative feelings, or any other feelings that you wish would simply go away from your thought processes, just realize that you are the only one who is able or capable of changing your own thoughts. God gave you the exclusive right to the chosen use of your own mind. Even He, your Creator, will never interfere with your own free will of choice. So to correct the situation of personal unhealthy or improper thoughts, you have to look inside of your own heart and mind…not outside of yourself.

To accomplish this evaluation or diagnostic review of your own mental state, you must first come to understand just exactly what is actually going on inside of your own mind. Once you come to recognize your personal negative thought patterns, you will then know how to use your God-given power to stop such negative thoughts from happening. This is not “rocket science.” Do not make it any more difficult or complicated than it really is. Simply step up, step forward, and change your thoughts (from negative to positive) and you will immediately improve the way that you feel.

You see, friends, until you come to fully realize and understand that it is your responsibility to control and use your own mind, this great self-servo mechanism won’t be of much help to you. Unrecognized or unassigned work or tasks rarely get anything of significance completed. Success never does attack a person. You and you alone are the one who must change the way you think, in order to change the way you speak and act.

A short story I once read might better explain what I am attempting to tell you:

There once was an over-thirty, well educated, and well qualified lab assistant working in a major east coast city. His name was Bill. While he was brilliant about external things in his life,…things that he had learned about in college, Bill fell well short of the mark when it came to understanding himself and the gifts and talents God had given him. Consequently he had spent most of his adult life complaining about his life, his job, and his circumstances. He very much resented everyone around him. He would wake up bitter in the morning and remained that way until he went back to bed at night. He never slept soundly.

Observing him from the perspective of “outside-looking-in” it appeared that he had good quality friends, a nice apartment, and a solid well paying job….BUT….to listen to him talk and watch him act, you would think that everything in his life was miserable and oppressive.

Finally one of his fed-up coworkers, out of total disgust, introduced Bill to the idea that it was his own manner and way of thinking, not the external world and its consequences, that was responsible for the endless resentment that he was continually feeling. This wonderful friend and coworker encouraged Bill to stop complaining and start paying attention to the harmful “negative noise” going on within his own mind.

Much to the delight and relief of his whole family, friends, and colleagues, Bill did just that. When he was home alone, he noticed that his negative thoughts rarely lessened or let up. For the first time in his life, he became curious about his own mind and how it operated. He asked himself the following pair of questions:

1. Could it be possible that my own thoughts have something to do with
the way I am? And then,…

2. Can I stop this way of thinking?

Bill immediately came to realize that the answers to both of these questions was a resounding “yes.” And from that very day forward, Bill had much less to complain about. He grew into becoming one of the most valued, productive, and positive uplifting employees of his company….much to his economic surprise and increase.

A small shift in Bill’s thinking and understanding provided the catalyst that opened the door to a whole new life for himself. What it did for Bill, I promise, it will do for you!

Begin this process by paying particular attention to the thoughts that are going on inside of your own head. Now remember, whatever they happen to be, it is O.K. Don’t attempt to initially resist them. You may have to remind yourself that your thoughts are just thoughts. That is all that they are. New actions and activities will only result from newly created personal thoughts.

Just as a check is worthless as long as it is unsigned, so to your personal thoughts cannot harm you without your consent. You alone are the one who accepts or rejects any thought you have.

Here is a truth of life. You could be having the worst series of thoughts in the entire world about yourself, but if you will only remember that they are just thoughts and nothing else, then you as the “gate keeper” to your own mind, will be able to dismiss them, or at the very least, to give them less significance effecting your life.

Once you are no longer afraid of your way of thinking, the magnificent transformation in your own heart and mind will totally amaze you. It will feel like a great and glorious gift from God as you live your life everyday.
This is a small change in your perception, but, if taken totally to heart and employed on a consistent basis, the results can truly change your entire life. That is the way that God planned it to be.

If you don’t like or enjoy your present way of living, then do something about it….CHANGE THE MANNER AND WAY YOU THINK!

Peace and Love to All of You…………………Poppa Bear

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